WWE news: Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano looks set to be settled in a 'Loser Leaves NXT' match

Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano have found themselves as rivals again

One of the most personal feuds in NXT history re-surfaced on Sunday night in Portland in the closing moments of TakeOver.

With Tommaso Ciampa fighting off all four men of Undisputed Era in his NXT Championship match against Adam Cole, it looked like his former tag team partner Johnny Gargano was coming to assist him.

Instead though, 'Johnny Wrestling', who had lost to Finn Balor earlier in the night, took the NXT Title belt and slammed it in the face of his former friend Ciampa.

Ciampa was the first to turn in 2017, breaking up their D.I.Y pairing but they'd have to wait a while to face each other after the 'Blackheart' of NXT needed knee surgery.

Tommaso Ciampa first turned on Johnny Gargano back in 2017

Once recovered, the two put on a number of amazing matches and it looked like the rivalry was set to be closed over WrestleMania weekend last year, but Ciampa had to undergo neck surgery, and he re-appeared as a babyface to congratulate Gargano on his eventual NXT Title win.

The roles have now been reversed though, with Gargano turning back to the dark side - but we have not yet been given a reason although it can be assumed that he was just extracting revenge on Ciampa.

Gargano though repaid Ciampa with an attack at TakeOver on Sunday night

But we were able to get a response from Ciampa last night on NXT though, and he hinted that we may be looking at a 'Loser Leaves NXT' bout coming up very soon.

That's not confirmed, but reading between the lines that's what it looks like as Ciampa needs to rid of Gargano in NXT to get 'Goldie' back.

So that can only mean one thing - Ciampa eventually wins back the title he never actually lost and Gargano takes his chance on the main roster, after all he and Ciampa were called up together in February last year.

Many fans want them to settle their feud inside Hell In A Cell at TakeOver: Tampa, and whilst that is unlikely to happen, you can never say never.

They need to do something different though to what they've already done, which is an Unsanctioned match and a Street Fight, and it will be interesting to see what the forces being NXT do come up with to finish this long-storied rivalry.

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