Ranking every single FIFA game from worst to best

  • Alex Batt

We’ve all spent hours, weeks, months and even years playing FIFA games, but not everyone has considered ranking them from worst to best.

Well, thanks to Ranker and their readers, we now have a list of every single FIFA game from the very worst, to the very best.

And this list is substantial; it doesn’t just consist of FIFA games as a standalone title, oh no.

It also consists of the FIFA Streets, the World Cup editions, a Euros edition and even the FIFAs from back in the 1990s.

It truly is the GOAT list of FIFA rankings, so we need to take it seriously.

Overall there are 35 titles, and with the help of Ranker and users, we now have a list, so without further ado, here goes!


35. EA Sports FIFA Superstars

34. FIFA Soccer 95

33. FIFA Soccer 96

32. FIFA 20

31. FIFA Soccer 97

30. FIFA 2001

29. FIFA 19

28. FIFA 2000

27. FIFA 2002

26. FIFA ’99

25. FIFA Street

24. FIFA 2003

23. FIFA International Soccer

22. UEFA Euro 2008

21. FIFA 06

20. FIFA Street 2

19. FIFA 16

18. FIFA 2005

17. 2002 FIFA World Cup

16. 2006 FIFA World Cup

15. FIFA 2004

14. FIFA 18

13. FIFA: Road to World Cup ’98

12. FIFA 08

11. FIFA 09

35-11 Summary

Got that nostalgia feeling reading some of those games? We certainly have!

One thing that straight away stands out is the fact that two of the very latest versions of FIFA sits in at 32nd and 29th respectively! That means they’ve clearly got the game wrong on back to back occasions in recent years.

We all know the massive problems FIFA 19 and 20 had upon their releases, with numerous bugs and glitches, but to see them both so low down is a real kick in the teeth for those at EA Sports.

Still, there have been some absolute classics that make the 35-11 section, including FIFA 2004, FIFA ’99 for all you older gamers, and FIFA 2006.


10. FIFA Street

9. FIFA 17

8. 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

7. FIFA 15

6. FIFA 10

5. FIFA 07

4. FIFA 11

3. FIFA 13

2. FIFA 12

1. FIFA 14

10-1 Summary

Ah there is the original FIFA Street, taking its place just inside the top 10. What a groundbreaking game, which has sadly been let down by later versions.

As you can see from the top 10 games, FIFA peaked in between 10 and 17, with seven versions occupying the section.

Hard to argue really, those were simply the GOAT days of FIFA gaming, and it’s something EA Sports need to think about ahead of the next edition.

Let’s hope FIFA 21 is A LOT better than FIFA 20 and FIFA 19.

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