AEW news: Cody Rhodes teases that AEW may move Dynamite to Monday nights to clash with Raw

Cody Rhodes has commented on AEW Dynamite potentially switching nights

We are now over four months into the Wednesday Night Wars between NXT and All Elite Wrestling, and truth be told there's not that much splitting them.

As the numbers go, AEW Dynamite has won more weeks than NXT and are continuing to hold off WWE's third brand in the viewership stakes.

NXT eclipsed AEW in the lead-up to Survivor Series, where main roster stars frequented Full Sail to drive the storylines, but Cody Rhodes and co have regained the advantage once again in recent weeks.

Whilst Dynamite is doing fine on Wednesday night, Cody would like to see it on a different evening in the future, and he's thrown up an interesting scenario that will pique the interests of wrestling fans.

AEW Dynamite has had the beating of WWE's NXT more often than not

“I would like the company, in five years, to be on a different night and competing in the same fashion they are," Rhodes told 11Alive, per SEScoops.

“I would love to see how it does on another night of the week. In five years, who knows.

"If we had a random storm situation or something popped up and we had to put Dynamite on a Monday night, if that was to happen in this current threshold, I’d still be very confident in what we can do.

"And I’d be confident that our guys would be up for the challenge."

We all know that a certain brand in WWE has their flagship show broadcast around the world on Monday nights, and for AEW to go toe-to-toe with that would be a ballsy move.

Monday Night Raw could see a new direct competitor in the next few years

Dynamite is averaging just over 900,000 viewers for its 19 episodes, but there's no reason why on another night it can't do better numbers.

And if it goes head-to-head with a huge show like Raw, then more people will know about what they have to offer.

Plus, who is going to turn down a potential repeat of the Monday Night Wars?

It would hardly be like WWF v WCW all over again, but a bit of competition never hurts anyone, and it would inevitably get a LOT of people talking!

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