WWE news: Rob Van Dam says he's suffered 'hundreds of concussions' throughout his wrestling career


Rob Van Dam has revealed he’s had ‘hundreds of concussions’ throughout his wrestling career.

Rob Van Dam’s wrestling career spans over 30 years, taking part in thousands of matches and is widely regarded as one of the most popular wrestlers in the world.

He has wrestled for several different promotions including WWE, ECW, WCW, and TNA/Impact Wrestling.

RVD recently took part in a Headstrong documentary, which will look at his symptoms and difficulties of his ongoing brain injuries due to him dealing with concussions from wrestling.

Concussions and CTE is taken seriously in sports now, including in wrestling, to a point where wrestlers may be forced to stay out of the ring for several weeks.

In the past, however, concussions would have been overlooked or not properly diagnosed in order to get wrestlers back in the ring as soon as possible.

During his recent appearance on the Steve Austin Show promoting the documentary, the 49-year-old admitted to suffering hundreds of concussions throughout his career.

He talked about working with Balls Mahoney in ECW where Mahoney would him in the head with a chair and there was the sound of a ‘crack’ before everything he saw being in slow motion.

He said, via SE Scoops: “I’ve had hundreds, seriously, hundreds, of concussions.

“Balls Mahoney would hit me with a chair. Then ‘crack’ it would be like everything’s in slow motion. Sometimes the sound ‘goes out,’ sometimes you know everything’s spinning.”


RVD also mentioned that concussion wasn’t something he took seriously earlier in his career. He just thought it was part of wrestling and that the effects wouldn’t be long-lasting.

“I had double vision, but I just couldn’t shake it off and I kept thinking well. You know, it’ll be gone tomorrow, so I’m not gonna let anybody know. The show must go on.”

Thankfully, Vince McMahon and WWE cracked down and eventually ruled out chair shots to the head many years ago. Many other wrestling promotions have followed suit as well.

Concussions are now taken a lot more seriously in wrestling, which has helped to prolong the wrestling life, as well as overall life happiness, of many wrestlers.

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