Romanian MMA fighter broke a rival's nose with brutal head-butt after losing challenge on Survivor


An MMA fighter has broken a fellow competitors nose after losing a challenge on Romania's version of the megahit TV show, Survivor.

Ana Maria Pal had just fallen short of claiming the win in a reward challenge and clearly did not take the loss very well.

When her conquerer sauntered over to try and console her, Pal snapped, viciously headbutting him and subsequently breaking his nose.

Andrei Ciobanu actually did quite well to dodge her initial advances after offering her a hug before she landed the telling blow to absolutely floor the man.

Pal is a professional flyweight, boasting a pretty average record of two wins from five fights, but, after her antics on the telly, future rivals might think twice about getting involved in a brawl with her.

As if brutally breaking someone's nose wasn't enough, Pal then went onto claim that he 'deserved it' before being kicked off the show immediately.

Another fighter who has previously appeared on the show took to Instagram to condemn the violent act.

Diana Belbita, who made her UFC debut last year, simply couldn't agree with the appalling move.

"I cannot agree with the gesture tonight of Ana Maria Pal. It is not a typical gesture for performance fighters and I would like to avoid generalising.

"If Ana made this gesture, she’s the only one who takes it… This is not a typical gesture for a fighter, Ana Maria is the only one who assumes the consequences."

Ciobanu himself later commented on the incident, calling out those who may have been in agreement with pal's actions.

He started by saying the headbutt was 'not to be commented on' before continuing:

"But for those who support Ana’s behaviour… ask the following question: If your mother yelled at your father and for that, he received a punch in front, is it fair that he deserved it?"

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