Five WWE superstars that must be booked to win at 2020 Super ShowDown


Next week’s Super ShowDown, whether fans like it or not, will be an important show on WWE’s road to WrestleMania 36.

2020’s Super ShowDown is set to take place in Saudi Arabia on February 27. As of writing, seven matches have been confirmed for the event.

Despite the show having a history of being irrelevant for many WWE fans, this year’s show will have a big influence on the future of WWE as it’s taking place just over a month before the Showcase of Immortals.

With that in mind, it’s so important that WWE books the show correctly, not just for the sake of their short-term future at WrestleMania, but for their long-term future as well in the rest of 2020.

Here are five superstars who WWE needs to book to win at this year’s Super ShowDown show.

John Morrison


John Morrison is one superstar who desperately needs to win at Super ShowDown. He’s currently scheduled to tag team with The Miz vs The New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Big E for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Morrison has won a few times since returning to the WWE last month, beating both Kingston and Big E, but he has largely been booked poorly since his comeback.

He had a poor showing at the Royal Rumble as he was eliminated quickly by Brock Lesnar, and he and Miz lost last week on SmackDown to the makeshift tag team of Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.

Morrison is yet to have a big win since his return, and if it doesn’t happen here, it will feel like WWE is just killing his return and his momentum now he’s back in the WWE squared circle.

AJ Styles


AJ Styles is another superstar who WWE needs to book to win their match at Super ShowDown, especially since he’s been on the shelf since the Royal Rumble with a shoulder injury.

The Phenomenal One will face Rusev, R-Truth, United States Champion Andrade, Erick Rowan and Bobby Lashley in the first-ever Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match at the show.

While the Tuwaiq Trophy will likely become forgotten about like the WWE World Cup and the Greatest Royal Rumble title, Styles’ momentum will not. It’s vital that his momentum is strong if his rumoured WrestleMania match is to take place, a one-on-one clash with The Undertaker.

WWE might still be able to achieve strong momentum for The Phenomenal One without him winning the Tuwaiq Trophy, but it will add more gravitas to his feud with The Deadman if he did win in Saudi Arabia.

Roman Reigns


No win at Super ShowDown could be more important than the one WWE should be booking for Roman Reigns.

The Big Dog is set to face King Corbin in a Steel Cage match in Saudi Arabia, the rubber PPV match between the two superstars in a feud that has been going on since November.

Reigns has a win over Corbin following the Royal Rumble, while Corbin previously beat Reigns at TLC at the end of 2019. However, fans are growing tired of this feud, so its time to bring it to an end.

A clear and decisive win for The Big Dog at Super ShowDown will not only end his feud with Corbin, but it will also allow him to gain more momentum ahead of Elimination Chamber, where he will likely become the number one contender for the Universal Championship.



As of writing, it’s unclear as to who Bayley will face at Super ShowDown, but whether that be Carmella or Naomi, she needs to come out on top with a win.

The SmackDown Women’s Champion will face either Carmella or Naomi in Saudi Arabia, depending on who wins in the number one contenders match for the title on SmackDown this week.

Yet, no matter who wins in that contest, it should be Bayley that stands tall overall at Super ShowDown. Her title reign as a heel so far has been lackluster, so it needs a big payoff with build to a match at WrestleMania in order to try and salvage it, not a match put together in less than a week.

While WWE could make history by having the title change in the first-ever women’s title match in Saudi Arabia, it would be better to save it for a possible better payoff and transfer of dominance of the SmackDown women’s division at this year’s Showcase of Immortals.

Bray Wyatt


Bray Wyatt needs to not only walk into Super ShowDown as Universal Champion, but he also needs to walk out of the show with the title over his shoulder with a win as well.

The Fiend is scheduled to defend the Universal title vs Goldberg in Saudi Arabia, and there are rumours the WCW icon could win and become Universal Champion for the second time in his career.

If WWE books Goldberg to win the title, while it might serve them well in the short term at WrestleMania with more eyes on the event, it could cost them in the long term with the loss of momentum for Wyatt.

The Fiend has arguably been one of the sole positives on SmackDown in the past couple of months, and it would be a real shame if WWE books him to lose for the shake of a moment at the Showcase of Immortals, as he could lose all momentum so early into his current character run.

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