Martin Braithwaite's 'skills' at his Barcelona unveiling were very different to Ronaldinho's


Martin Braithwaite's dreams came true this week.

The Danish footballer has had a decent career, playing for the likes of Toulouse, Middlesbrough and Leganes.

But, he would make the step up to the elite level when Barcelona signed him in mid-week.

Barca were given special dispensation to sign the attacker after Ousmane Dembele was ruled out with a long-term injury.

And Braithwaite was presented as a Barcelona player on Thursday.

However, it didn't exactly go to plan.

Barca usually unveil their players in front of huge crowds at the Camp Nou but they didn't bother to open it up to the public.

That may have been down to the Catalan giants expecting not a big crowd at all.


Braithwaite was also made to perform some skills in front of the camera, as every new Barca signing does.

It's usually a nerve-wracking experience but there wasn't as much pressure on Braithwaite seeing there were no fans inside the stadium.

But it went horribly. Braithwaite attempted two rainbow flicks but he couldn't pull them off. He also tried to balance the ball on his head and failed.

If you haven't seen it, watch it below. It was comical:

But one player that did ace their unveiling was Ronaldinho.

The Barcelona midfielder has gone down in history as one of the most skilful players of all-time.

Barcelona's new Brazilian new soccer sta

And that was in full display after signing for Barcelona in 2003.

Ronaldinho succeeded where Braithwaite failed: balancing the ball on his head. He also managed to pose for pictures while doing so and made his 'around the world' trick look easy.

Watch Ronaldinho's unveiling below:

What makes it all the more impressive is that Ronaldinho did that in 25,000 people.

Despite so many eyes on him and his first day at a new club, he looked right at home.

Of course, there is just a slight gap in quality between Ronaldinho and Braithwaite.

Barcelona's new Brazilian soccer star Ro

The Brazilian went on to score 94 times in 207 appearances. He left the club in 2008 as one of the best players in their history.

But, when you look at his presentation, it makes Braithwaite look like an amateur in comparison.

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