Scottish footballer dislocates knee and smashes it back in place during game


Diving is a big problem in football.

Play-acting has increased more and more in recent years.

Players decide to go down under minimal or no contact to try and con the referee into giving them a foul or trying to get an opposition player in trouble.

More often than not, when you see a player rolling around the floor, there's absolutely nothing wrong with them.

It's something that is embarrassing and lawmakers must find a way to cut diving out of the game.

But one player who can definitely not be accused of play-acting is St Mirren women's captain, Jane O'Toole.

O'Toole started her side's match against Inverness last weekend.

But, with her side 6-0 down after 50 minutes, it looked like her afternoon was over when she went down with what was a serious knee injury.


The defender went into a challenge with an opponent but she came out second best.

O'Toole fell to the floor and as she tried to get up, she clutched her knee and was in clear discomfort.

She had dislocated her knee.

But instead of feeling sorry for herself, O'Toole decided that she was not ready to go off, so she bashed her kneecap back in place herself.

WARNING: Graphic content below:

Incredible. That's some bravery. 

With her side on the wrong end of a drubbing, O'Toole could have gone off and taken the easy way out.

But she thought that wasn't the right thing to do and did everything on our power to stay on the pitch.

And, amazingly, O'Toole went on to play the whole 90 minutes.


A St Mirren Women's spokesperson said of her injury, per the Scottish Sun: "Our captain is made of tough stuff.

"Just look at how she dealt with dislocating her knee during our recent game at Inverness.

"You can't put a good woman down - she got back up and played the full 90 minutes."

Men's football, and all the divers currently in the game, should take note.

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