Casemiro cancelled family holiday to Disney World after Real Madrid's loss to Atletico Madrid

Real Madrid CF v Club Atletico de Madrid  - La Liga

Cast your minds back to 27 July.

Real Madrid faced Atletico Madrid in the International Champions Cup at the MetLife Stadium.

In essence, it was only a friendly.

But in a competitive pre-season tournament, the two Madrid sides were never going to treat it like a friendly.

Well, Atleti certainly didn’t treat it like a friendly as they were 5-0 up by half-time, before going 6-0 up just after the break.

What was going on?

The match eventually finished 7-3 as Real made the scoreline a little bit more respectable with two late consolations.


The result also had a big implication on Casemiro’s family holiday.

The Brazilian midfielder was enjoying a much-needed family break after helping his country win the 2019 Copa America.

But he had to cut short his vacation - and break his daughter’s heart - after seeing his side had just been thrashed in a friendly.

"I saw my team lose 7-3 in the preseason against Atlético Madrid, and I had decided that I couldn’t continue my vacation & go to Disney World,” Casemiro explained on radio show Onda Cero.


So I told my daughter that ‘Dad has a problem at work, and I have to cancel the vacation.’ That’s the reason why I returned earlier than expected.

Atleti just love crushing dreams, don’t they?

Hopefully, Casemiro can take his daughter to Disney World this summer and Diego Simone’s mob don’t ruin his holiday. Knowing them, they will probably turn up on some sort of team bonding holiday.

You’ve got to admire Casemiro’s dedication, though.

And his early return to the squad may have contributed to Real Madrid sitting top of La Liga - 13 points ahead of their Madrid rivals, who are fourth.

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