WWE news: SmackDown suffered various 'technical glitches' which could be hyping a superstar debut

A mysterious envelope appeared on-screen during SmackDown

SmackDown's move to FOX back in October was supposed to make the show the must-watch product in WWE, but things haven't exactly panned out like that.

Despite having less money behind the broadcasting rights, Monday Night Raw has continued to evolve under Paul Heyman's watchful eye, but SmackDown has seemed to be in a bit of a rut.

It has its positive moments at times, such as the recent feud between Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan, and more recently Otis' organic romance angle with Mandy Rose has been a highlight.

But there has been lowlights such as the over-running feud between Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin, plus the under-utilisation of potential stars such as Cesaro.

Something exciting seems to be in the offing though, as we got several teasers on last night's show to indicate that something big is being planned.

We got the first teaser during the opening eight-man tag match of SmackDown, where after Big E tried to pin John Morrison, a bright blue envelope appeared momentarily on the screen.

It piqued the interest of many fans, but we would not get another teaser until much later in the show.

As Mandy Rose was shown backstage, yet another glitch occurred where a round symbol appeared in-front of the letter, but on closer inspection it may very well be a clock.

Some eagle-eyed fans pointed out that the clock-like symbol looks to be similar to the one that is sported on the gear of Mustafa Ali, who hasn't been seen on SmackDown for months.

Mustafa Ali's light logo on his chest is similar to the one in the SmackDown 'glitch'

But another theory that has been speculated is that it is hyping up the debut of Killer Kross.

Kross was recently confirmed as a new WWE signing, having last competed for IMPACT Wrestling, and with his real-life partner Scarlett Bordeaux also on WWE's books, they may be bypassing NXT and coming straight to the main roster.

Scarlett Bordeaux and Killer Kross may be coming to the main roster

To add further fuel to the fire, Kross himself has been tweeting teaser videos for weeks, but would WWE let him make it that obvious if he was really coming to the main roster?

We may have to wait several weeks for the glitches to continue and reach their peak, but WWE tend to do well with these kind of things, so it should be a good moment for whoever the tease ends up being for!

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