Football fans are surprised at footage of Tammy Abraham singing


Those who predicted that this would be a game-changing season for Tammy Abraham were absolutely bang on. 

The Chelsea striker has scored 15 goals and recorded four assists in all competitions so far in the 2019/20 campaign.

It might have been even more had he steered clear of injury. 

The England international has been picking up where he left off from his thoroughly impressive stint at Aston Villa. 

It's left Chelsea fans wondering why he wasn't given an opportunity before - but that's not the only reason he's been a revelation. 

A video has emerged of Abraham playing 'Guess the Song' with Youtubers Chunkz and Yung Filly on channel Pro:Direct Soccer and it has got a lot of fans impressed. 

Picture the scene. The Stamford Bridge dressing room. Chelsea are about to kick off. Frank Lampard is looking to his senior players to provide inspiration. All of a sudden, they are serenaded with Boyz II Men. The game is won before a ball has been kicked. 

Imagine being this good at football and singing...  

Now can Olivier Giroud do THAT?! 

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Nobody was expecting that voice to come out of Abraham's mouth, except the lucky few whose ears have been graced with his dulcet tones before. 

During his Swansea initiation, the 22-year-old blew away his old teammates with his talent. 

Abraham's most important skills, of course, are on the pitch where Lampard will be hoping he can return to help Chelsea's push for Champions League football. 

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