Ronda Rousey broke a presenter's ribs after he claimed she wasn't strong enough to compete with men


Most people naturally know not to mess with Ronda Rousey.

For some people, however, that lesson has to be learned the hard way.

The UFC superstar turned WWE pro is one of the toughest women in sport, and certainly knows how to take anyone, whatever shape or size, down a few pegs.

It is no surprise then that Rousey proved her mettle when, in 2015, a TV show presenter claimed that simply didn't have enough strength to compete with a man.

Aaron Tru's comments came in the aftermath of Rousey's stunning 14-second win over Cat Zingano at UFC 149.

As expected, Rousey admitted that the snide remark had got on her nerves so, when presented with the chance to show Tru what she can do, Rousey did not hold back.

    Making an appearance on the 'Tru MMA Show', the UFC Hall of Famer subjected her male counterpart to a brutal judo throw, that left Tru prone on the ground and gasping for air.

    'Cracking' work from Rousey.

    Tru knew immediately that he was in trouble, claiming through his wheezes that he thought Rousey may have broken a rib with the textbook move.

    He wasn't wrong either, as it was later confirmed that Tru's ribs, and his ego, were in far worse shape than before.

    Rousey was rightly unsympathetic at first but began to show some remorse for Tru as he continued to lie on his back, struggling to breathe.

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    She was giggling the entire time, though.

    You can be certain that, while Rousey did ask Tru if he was okay, that deep down inside she was absolutely loving the fact that basically incapacitated the man in just one move.

    Since then, Tru has been far more careful with swill that spouts from his mouth as you can imagine that he probably has quite a burning desire to avoid being poleaxed by another MMA star he may have wronged.

    Don't talk the talk if you can't walk it too, Aaron. Rousey out.

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