Eibar pay tribute to Lionel Messi on Twitter after he scores four goals past them

FC Barcelona v SD Eibar SAD  - La Liga

When you’ve just been battered at the hands of a world-class player, it can be difficult to find it within yourself to recover and respond in the right way.

Every weekend, we see many gloomy players and managers blinking dazedly under the TV lights and cameras after a drubbing, unable to comprehend what has just happened.

Many let their emotions get the better of them and end up saying things they regret, while others use the same old clichés to deflect any questions until they’ve had time to reflect.

But Spanish side SD Eibar have had no such problem.

Despite losing 5-0 to Barcelona on Saturday, and conceding four at the hands of a rampant Lionel Messi, they have found the perfect way to respond to the damage inflicted upon them.

In a tweet, which has now gone viral, the relegation-threatened side paid tribute to the Argentine’s brilliance in a beautiful verse, of which Shakespeare would no doubt be proud.

Take a look at SD Eibar’s tweet below…

If you don’t speak Spanish, or don’t have access to automatic Google Translate on your laptop or phone (it’s a lifesaver), we’ve translated it into English for you below.

The tweet, which tags Lionel Messi, reads: "We suffer you, we suffer from you, we cope with you. And we have no choice but to stand up and applaud you".

Those words, which really do befit the Barça forward’s legendary status, have provoked an overwhelmingly positive response from fans from around the world.

FC Barcelona v SD Eibar SAD  - La Liga

Many of those include Barcelona fans, who have jumped at the chance to express their love and respect for the class shown by their bedraggled opponents in difficult circumstances.

"We suffer from you" really is no exaggeration. Eibar’s defence looked absolutely exhausted as they tried desperately to cope with Messi’s nutmegs and darting runs into the box.

The result has left them hovering perilously close to the relegation zone in La Liga, but the love they are receiving in response to the post surely can’t hurt their recovery!

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