Floyd Mayweather's uncle claims talks are underway over a Conor McGregor rematch

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Talks are reportedly underway ahead of a potentially massive rematch between Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and the ‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor.

Mayweather’s uncle reports negotiations are already well underway with Floyd himself stating he will “whip his ass again” if he and Conor were to go at it one more time.

It was back in August 2017 that McGregor pushed the pause button on his MMA career with Dana White’s UFC; it was with Dana that Conor embarked on an audacious professional boxing venture with arguably the best pound for pound boxer of all time set as his opponent.

The pair would clash in an unprecedented box office bout which saw Floyd Mayweather take his professional boxing record to 50-0; beating the great Rocky Marciano’s record of 49-0 following a technical knockout in the 10th round.

Floyd Mayweather’s uncle has suggested that Floyd is keen to get back to business and get back in the ring; reports suggest that he is interested in fighting both Conor McGregor and the Irishman’s decorated rival, Khabib Nurmagomedov in an astonishing and unprecedented ‘day and night’ double event.

Jeff Mayweather told VegasInsider.com…

“There have already been talks with Floyd and Dana White about making a deal.

“Floyd is no longer the top of his sport, but he’ll beat both of them. He could beat both of them back to back, one in the daytime, one in the nighttime – it doesn’t matter, they’d have no chance, it’s easy for him.

“Floyd said one in the daytime and one in the night, it’ll be something that’s never been done before. Double pay-per-view, expensive a** buy.”


McGregor was critical of Mayweather before and after the fight challenging Floyd about the way he fights, suggesting that he is too often on the defensive and runs away from opponents in the ring – their bout was no different, however, Floyd does what he does to get the job done you could say.

When you’re in your forty’s and have the sheer technical boxing ability Floyd possess and you’re getting paid hundreds of millions to put on a show, who can blame him – a show is certainly what you get with Floyd.

At 43 years old, Floyd Mayweather is certainly no spring chicken and has been around the block on many occasions; if a future fight was to happen between either Conor or Khabib or both, then it would surely attract a global paying audience, and that is essentially what ‘Money’ Mayweather is all about.

Floyd went onto tell TMZ “Man if they pay, I’m there to play. And if they’re paying cash Conor, I’ll whip your ass again.

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