WWE news: Goldberg calls NXT's Matt Riddle ‘a booger stuck in your nose’


Goldberg has called Matt Riddle ‘a booger stuck in your nose’ when he was asked recently about his opinion on the NXT superstar.

It’s well known that Matt Riddle doesn’t like Goldberg, and from time to time, the NXT superstar has called out the WCW icon on social media.

One notable time where The Original Bro called out Goldberg for being bad in the ring was following his match with The Undertaker at Super ShowDown last year.

He’s also mocked Goldberg for causing himself to bleed before matches by headbutting walls or doors.

The two actually confronted one another and exchanged words backstage at 2019’s SummerSlam last August, but things never got physical.


Speaking recently on the Total Slam podcast, the WCW icon gave his thoughts on The Original Bro, where he called him ‘a booger stuck in your nose’.

Goldberg said, via Wrestling Inc: "Riddle is like a booger stuck in your nose; he is annoying and won't go away. He has no influence on Goldberg's life. Period. End of story.

“It's the wrestling business and sometimes when you're out in public you may run into a former foe and you can never know how the situation will turn out. It is what it is, and we don't see eye to eye."


Goldberg isn’t the only WWE legend Riddle has issues with, as another superstar the NXT Tag Team Champion has called out over the past year is Brock Lesnar.

Just like with Goldberg, Riddle had a backstage confrontation with Lesnar earlier this year at the Royal Rumble, where The Beast said he will never have a match with The Original Bro.

Goldberg is set to have another match for WWE next Thursday at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. He will face ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship.

No doubt, Riddle will be watching that match closely, ready to criticise the WCW icon should he make a big mistake inside the squared circle.

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