Three reasons why Roman Reigns must beat King Corbin once and for all at Super ShowDown


Roman Reigns is set to take on King Corbin at WWE Super ShowDown next week in Saudi Arabia, a match he must be booked to win.

Roman Reigns and King Corbin will battle once more next Thursday in Saudi Arabia at Super ShowDown in a Steel Cage match.

This will be the rubber PPV match between the two superstars in a feud that has been going on since November.

Each man has one PPV win on the record, but when it comes to Super ShowDown, it should be The Big Dog that leaves Saudi Arabia with a second win.

Here are three reasons why Roman Reigns needs to beat King Corbin at Super ShowDown.

A clear end to King Corbin feud


As previously mentioned, Reigns and Corbin have been feuding since the backend of 2019, but now, WWE fans are getting tired of it.

It’s time to bring it to an end with a clear with for The Big Dog at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia next week.

Each superstar has a big PPV win in the feud so far, with Reigns winning over Corbin at the Royal Rumble last month, while Corbin previously beat Reigns at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs' back in December last year.

WWE needs to bring this feud to an end at Super ShowDown. A clear and decisive win for The Big Dog is needed in order to bring this feud that has lasted many months to an end.

Many fans are getting frustrated that this storyline is being dragged out. If WWE drags it out anymore, it will become even more annoying and possibly turn some fans off Reigns at a pivotal time in WWE’s calendar.

Gain momentum ahead of Elimination Chamber


Reigns hasn’t exactly been setting the world alight in recent months during his feud with Corbin, which is why fans are growing tired of the storyline overall.

It’s also why he must win at Super ShowDown. To reignite the spark.

Over the past couple of weeks during his feud with the King of the Ring winner, The Big Dog has always been saved from situations where he was outnumbered by The Usos. This needs to stop.

Booking sense, this is fine as Reigns and The Usos are family, but not for someone who should be aiming for bigger things in WWE.

Reigns needs to start fighting his own battles to build his character and momentum up ahead of the Showcase of Immortals.

Having him and Corbin inside the Steel Cage is perfect as it’ll hopefully keep out outside interference, and allow The Big Dog to build momentum as a singles competitor with a big win ahead of Elimination Chamber, and ultimately WrestleMania.

Become the clear challenger for the Universal Title


Reigns needs to beat Corbin at Super ShowDown and come out on top in the feud overall in order to become the clear challenger for the Universal title heading into WrestleMania 36.

It’s quite clear that The Big Dog will soon be returning to the top of WWE, potentially as Universal Champion at their biggest show of the year, WrestleMania.

He'll likely enter and win the Elimination Chamber match at the Elimination Chamber show to become the number one contender for the title at WrestleMania. He shouldn't be entering that match following a loss.

Reigns has not had a chance to win back the Universal title since he relinquished it way back in October 2018 in order to battle against leukaemia, so he’s overdue a title shot.

This year’s Showcase of Immortals would be the perfect spot for him to win the title back, likely against either Bray Wyatt or Goldberg. The pop is going to be huge for him after everything he has been through.

It doesn’t make sense for The Big Dog to have a Universal title shot following a loss to Corbin, which is why he must beat the King of the Ring winner and come out on top at Super ShowDown.

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