Women's Sport: What's happening with the USWNT equal pay case?

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While the WNBA and the Spanish first division women's footballers both managed to secure historic collective bargaining agreements (CBA) recently, the divide between the US Women's National Team and US Soccer is stark.

The latest development in the USWNT equal pay case highlights how far apart the four-time World Cup-winning team is from the national federation. 

While the USWNT asked the judge to rule in their favour, removing the need for a trial, US Soccer asked for the case to be dismissed.

The USWNT also asked for nearly $67 million of back pay alleging that US Soccer's payment decisions were based on “gender stereotyping”. The figure was calculated by applying the men's CBA to the performances of the USWNT players.

It is a figure that would be nearly half of US Soccer's planned budget of $143 million for the year.

US Soccer argues that they followed the payment terms set out in the player's CBA, which are different from the men's.

They have asked to dismiss the case on the grounds that the women's team actually earn more than the men and that the two teams have different contracts.

Both motions were filed on Thursday evening as the next step in the case. If this case goes to trial it is possible it will fall just as the team is preparing for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

The judge, R. Gary Klausner has currently set the date of trial for May 5. He will now consider the motions and if he doesn't opt for one the case would proceed to trial. This could be stopped if the two sides agree to mediation, however their attempts to make that work so far have failed.

The case was filed on International Women's Day before the team won their fourth World Cup.

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