Donald Trump embarrasses himself as he attempts to pronounce ‘Sachin Tendulkar' on visit to India

Australia v India - First Test: Day 1

Cricket is a religion in India, there is no denying it.

Every young boy or girl dreams of playing in that famous blue shirt as hundreds of millions of people cheer you on. 

The players themselves are nigh on deities, barely able to go out in public for fear of being swamped by swathes of wildly enthusiastic fans.

However, while the likes of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are some of the biggest names to grace an Indian cricket field, their status pales in comparison to that of Sachin Tendulkar.

'The Little Master' is quite literally a god in India thanks to his unmatched performance with the bat in hand throughout a simply sublime stint at the top of the Indian order.

In a career that spanned four decades, Tendulkar notched up no less than 100 international centuries on his way to a staggering 15,921 Test runs, and 18,426 ODI runs.

Rarely has a batsman made the business of batting look as easy and graceful as Tendulkar did, racking up heaps of runs with frightful ease just about every time he strapped on the pads.

He was, at times, almost impossible to bowl to and was capable of manipulating both the bowler and the field better than anyone the game has ever known.

India v Sri Lanka - 2011 ICC World Cup Final

It makes sense then, on a visit to India, to use Sachin as a means of establishing common ground with your hosts - which is exactly what United States President, Donald Trump, tried to do.

However, it might have been a good idea to learn how to pronounce the most famous name in India before attempting it in a speech in front of thousands of people.

If there is one name you don't want to get wrong in India, it's Sachin's.

In truth, Trump wasn't even close.

You can't blame him for trying though as it's probably safe to say that the Don isn't an avid cricket watching fan.

Fortunately, the gathered crowd seem to know what he was trying to get at and appreciated the effort.

Next time it might be worth a couple of minutes of practice, though.

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