Leaked patent suggests new PS5 controller will monitor your heart and sweat rates as you game

Details about PlayStation’s hotly-anticipated next-gen console remain a closely guarded secret.

Sony has given precious little away when it comes to what we can expect from the PlayStation 5, but every now and then, some snippets of information sneak through their defences.

Potential design concepts have been doing the rounds on the internet for months while reports suggesting it will support backwards compatibility are gathering pace.

Now, a patent for the new controller has been leaked online and from the looks of things, it is going to be quite a clever bit of kit.

The patent refers to the controller’s use of “biofeedback information to select between one or more options presented in a piece of content without the user having to provide further input,” as a means of monitoring player response.

In other words, the controller is designed to monitor both your sweat and heart rate as you play in a bid to provide an immersive, tailor-made gaming experience.

“There is a desire in computer gaming to provide an immersive and highly interactive experience for players, so as to enhance the enjoyment of the player,” reads the patent description.

“This has become of particular interest with the increasing availability of head-mounted displays.”

While a patent is by no means a confirmation of the final product, the fact that your controller could be monitoring your ‘biofeedback’ is a pretty exciting development.

However, that is about all we know for now as details over the release date and price of the new console have been frightfully hard to come by.

Sony has developers lashed to strict NDA’s (None Disclosure Agreements) in an attempt to protect the secrets of what promises to be an absolute beast of a machine.

With Microsoft also set to release their new Xbox Series X this year, Sony are desperate to play their cards close to the chest as they look to counter whatever moves their rivals may or may not make.

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