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Our choice of clothing makes a big difference in how we perform and fortunately for active women, our options are expanding to match the increasing number of females participating in fitness activities.

A quick browse of the sportswear market will show you that more and more brands are catering to women's needs and Pro: Direct FIT, one of the world's largest online sports store have an extensive range of performance-wear options suited to us. 

As a result, we've crafted a list of our top five sportswear pieces from Pro: Direct FIT, designed specifically for women to elevate performance.

1. Nike Air Zoom SuperRep - £105

Best for high impact   
The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep trainers work well for exercises such as cardio, HIIT, circuit training and fast-paced fitness classes. Its fully supportive foam heel helps to keep you stable when lifting and its unique shape and light pink hues make it a stylish option in the gym and on the streets.


2. The Nike Metcon 5 - £115

Best for weights
This game-changing product includes a hyper-lift insert that can be placed in the trainers to help with stability when squatting or removed and used in previous versions of the Metcon shoe. Another advantage is the foam on the forefront and heel which helps to cushion high-impact moves, particularly in the weights room. 


3. Nike Yoga Luxe 7/8 Tights - £60

Best for recovery and yoga
The Nike Yoga Luxe 7/8 tights aren't your typical black leggings. These tights were created with Nike's new Infinalon fabric, offering gentle compression and a tight-fit feel. 


4. Reebok Hero Power Sports Bra - £42.95

Best for high impact
This highly supportive sports bra is suitable for any high-impact work-out from long runs to boxing classes. This attractive teal coloured piece exists with matching leggings. 


5. Reebok Nano 9 - £90

Best for cross-fit
When looking at the Reebok Nano 9's, the first thing that catches the eye is the soft rubber midsole protection wrap designed to support the intensity of cross-fit training. These trainers are also light-weight, providing flexibility during cross-fit sessions. 

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