Anthony Martial fan creates lengthy Twitter thread arguing that he's better than Roberto Firmino

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An avid Anthony Martial fan has argued that the Frenchman is better than Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino in a Twitter thread that has sparked plenty of debate.

Martial has several cult-like followers on the social media site and they’ve had plenty to shout about this season, with the 24-year-old netting 15 goals in all competitions for Manchester United this season.

And fan @DrippyMartial has gone so far as to say Martial is better than Firmino in a lengthy thread.

“Whatever you think a number 9 is there to score goals,” he writes.

“If Firmino was relied on to he wouldn’t be half as good.”

The thread is filled with stats, bold claims and hot takes. Let’s get into it.

*The thread was written before Liverpool’s 3-2 win against West Ham on Monday, in which Firmino didn’t contribute a goal or assist.

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The thread caused a real stir, with several Liverpool fans weighing in.

@lfcnicko responded: “Stats don’t tell the whole story for Firmino, his link up play is amazing and makes him far better than Martial.

“His link up play doesn’t directly lead to goals from his pass, that’s why he doesn’t always get the ‘assist’.”

Another Liverpool supporter, @FraserJoss, wrote: “Put your calculator away lad and watch actual football, then you would realise that Firmino is miles clear.”


Martial’s supporters have had plenty to smile about in recent weeks with the Man United forward recovering from a poor January in impressive fashion.

After netting twice in seven appearances last month, the Frenchman has hit back by scoring three times in his last three games.

Yet he would swap places with Firmino in an instant.

The Brazilian is about to get his hands on the Premier League trophy after helping Liverpool capture the Champions League last season.

The individual stats tell you one thing. But the only one that really matters is trophies, and Firmino’s set to add another one to his collection.

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