Tyson Fury tricked Deontay Wilder at their weigh-in by downing 16 pints of water beforehand

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury - Weigh-In

We all know that Tyson Fury is the king of the mind game.

However, ahead of his monumental rematch with Deontay Wilder, The Gypsy King took it to a new level entirely by completely tricking Wilder at the weigh-in just days before the fight.

Fury registered a stonking great weight of 273 lbs - far heavier than he had been aiming for - leaving many fans concerned that he may have overdone it in his search for extra power in his punches.

What fans didn’t know, however, was that is exactly what Fury wanted them and Wilder to think and it worked an absolute treat.

According to a report in The Sun, Fury wanted his opponent thinking he had gone too far with the weight gain and used a cunning little trick to make it happen.

Well, when we say ‘little trick’.

Per The Sun, Fury only went and drank a staggering 16 pints of water ahead of the weigh-in to add as much ‘fake weight’ as he could and trick Wilder and his team.


What followed Fury’s sly bit of deviancy, was one of the greatest heavyweight masterclasses the sport has ever seen.


He was frightfully fleet-footed, dictating the terms of the fight as his remarkable mobility caught the Bronze Bomber completely off-guard.

Wilder truly looked like a rabbit in the headlights as Fury brutally tore into him straight from the opening bell.
By the time the seventh round rolled around, Wilder looked a wobbly mess, bleeding from his lip and his ear while struggling to defend himself against Fury’s merciless assault.

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury

Wilder’s corner had no choice but to throw in the towel to avoid the American suffering any further and potentially very harmful punishment.

A third fight is already in the works with Wilder confirming that he intends to trigger the rematch clause set in the contract for the second bout.

One can only hope that the American has his wits about him in the build-up with Fury capable of anything in a bid to get the psychological edge.

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