WWE news: Samoa Joe has been suspended for 30 days after he violated the Wellness Policy

There must be something in the water between WWE superstars right now, as Wellness Policy violations seem to be happening left, right and centre.

After six superstars were struck down in 2016 for misdemeanours, there were no violations of WWE’s stringent rules up until the last month of 2019.

That is when both Primo Colon and Robert Roode were slapped with 30-day suspensions for their first violations – in the case of Primo he refused to fly back to the United States for a test having not being used for some time by WWE.

And the double suspension was followed a month later by the news that United States Champion Andrade was hammered with a 30-day ban for his first violation.

In a show of support for the Mexican star, he has kept his title whilst being off television, but how long he holds onto it for is anyones guess.

WrestleVotes hinted that more suspensions could be on the way and teased it to be Samoa Joe, although when WWE denied that was the case the reputable Twitter account issued a retraction and apology.

Three weeks later though, it has been announced that Joe has indeed violated the Wellness Policy.

An official statement posted to the company website simply states: “WWE has suspended Nuufolau Seanoa (Samoa Joe) for 30 days effective Monday, February 24, for his first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.”

It was reported just last week that Joe had suffered another injury after shooting a WWE commercial, and that may still be the case.

But he’s also stepped out of line and he may have put his chances of a WrestleMania match in jeopardy.

Joe has been part of the revolt against Seth Rollins’ new super-stable on Raw, and there’s every chance he could’ve been on the Mania card, having just had literally one minute of WrestleMania action in the three years he’s been on the main roster.

But it now seems less likely that the Samoan Submission Machine will have a prominent role in Tampa, and it may all be his own doing.

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