WWE news: Matt Hardy may be heading to NXT if he re-signs with WWE ahead of his contract expiring

Matt Hardy is keeping all WWE fans, and seemingly officials backstage on their toes in regards to what his next move will be.

After returning to the company nearly three years ago, Hardy’s contract is very close to expiring, with it apparently running out on March 1.

We’ve had Tag Team Championship spells with his brother Jeff Hardy and then Bray Wyatt and we saw the birth of his ‘Woken’ character, but it was not explored as much as it should’ve been.

With his brother on the sidelines for much of 2019, Matt was off television for a while but returned in a string of losing efforts during the back end of the year.

It coincided with the release of his YouTube series ‘Free The Delete’, which saw him try to recapture himself and find his winning ways once again.

That hasn’t materialised though, and this month he’s become intertwined into the feud between Edge and Randy Orton, with Orton seemingly writing him off television with a brutal attack on Raw last week.

Many are expecting him to sign with All Elite Wrestling, and Hardy himself acknowledged on social media the signs in the crowd at Dynamite referencing his name.

However a spanner may be getting thrown in the works in regards to his future.

According to Mike Johnson of PW Insider, there has been talk of WWE somehow working Hardy into the NXT system should he re-sign with the company, per WrestlingInc.

That could be very interesting for a number of reasons, as for one it would give Matt a whole new roster of superstars he’s never worked with to compete against.

There are also young stars in NXT who could really benefit from his experience, and it could also be a sort-of rebirth for his ‘Woken’ character.

Considering he was seemingly written off from the main roster last week, it would be a huge surprise to see him pop back up on Raw or SmackDown anytime soon, so maybe NXT makes the most sense.

But there’s the thought in everyone’s mind that Hardy is destined for AEW – we will no doubt find out what the conclusion to this contract saga is in the coming weeks.

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