WWE news: Triple H has explained why Mark Jindrak did not end up joining Evolution in 2003

Evolution is one of the most historic stables in WWE history, and certainly has to be the top one since the turn of the millennium.

Triple H rescued a legend in Ric Flair, whose career was on the verge of being over, and gave him a refreshed role on Monday Night Raw, and added two young upstarts to his crew.

They were Randy Orton, a man who was destined to be a wrestler, and Dave Batista, an imposing figure who seemed like a genetic freak.

The foursome ended up winning everything on Raw and dominated for the couple of years they were together, and Orton and Batista have gone on to become huge stars in their own right.

But it could have gone in a whole other direction if one particular superstar was given the nod over Batista.

It’s no secret that former WCW superstar Mark Jindrak was primed to be a part of Evolution over The Animal, but for inconclusive reasons it was not meant to be.

Batista returned from two surgeries on his tricep in 2003 and became a fully-fledged member of the stable in October that year, and after his second injury, Jindrak was considered to be his replacement.

And for the first time, Triple H has now finally explained on WWE’s Ruthless Aggression documentary why Jindrak did not get to be a part of Evolution.

Jindrak was best friends with Orton, and The Game explained that after the two travelled together with him and Flair once, he realised that Jindrak was never going to fit with the group.

HHH thought that Jindrak ‘didn’t take the business seriously’, and even compared Jindrak to a ‘third grader’ – that car journey alone was reason to shelve plans to have him in Evolution.

Even though The Game and Flair had decided on excluding Jindrak from being a part of the stable, footage was still shot of the foursome together for promotional packages, as Vince McMahon believed he was a ‘good fit’.

Jindrak was told on June 23 at of all places – Madison Square Garden – by Vince McMahon that he would not be a part of Evolution, and instead he would go on to team with Garrison Cade for a year.

He would align himself with Kurt Angle in 2004 for a few months, but he would end up being a jobber and left WWE the following year.

He went on to wrestle in Japan and Mexico, and his second stint starting in 2010 with Mexican promotion CMLL saw him gain considerable success as ‘Marco Corleone’.

After seeing the documentary this week, Jindrak tweeted saying it ‘feels nice to have closure after 17 years’, before joking that he was coming for The Game at WrestleMania!

He admits though that it was the right decision to not put him with Flair, Orton and Triple H, and once Batista returned, we all know what success the group had.

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