Joe Rogan highlights the exact moment that Tyson Fury worked out how to beat Deontay Wilder


The dust is beginning to settle following Tyson Fury's monumental victory over Deontay Wilder last weekend.

The Gypsy King put on quite a show in Las Vegas, dismantling Wilder in one of the finest displays of heavyweight boxing you could ever hope to see.

Wilder's team threw in the towel in the seventh round but, in truth, it was all over in the second.

Fury sent Wilder sprawling to the canvas after landing a mighty right hook that left the American bleeding from the ear.

From that point on it was all Fury, as he went for jugular of the wobbling Wilder.

Even the most fierce Fury fan might not have predicted such a one sided domination but, according to world-famous podcaster Joe Rogan, Fury figured out how to beat Wilder during the final round of their last bout.

Speaking on 'The Joe Rogan Experience', Rogan outlined how Fury's decision to 'chase' Wilder after being nigh on knocked-out was what paved the road to glory in Sin City.

“He said he figured out in the first fight — in the 12th round, he started backing Deontay up — Deontay can’t fight backing up,” Rogan said.

“Deontay is a guy who pushes forward, and he’s got this ridiculous power. Everybody’s scared of his power, so everybody’s moving all the time.

"Fury realized in the 12th round after Deontay knocked him down, almost knocked him out, he got up and started chasing Deontay, and Deontay fought sloppy. He said he looked awkward.”

Spot on.

From the moment the first bell rang out Fury was relentless in his pursuit of Wilder - he never let him rest, he never let him settle and the fearsome American simply had no plan b.

He certainly did look 'sloppy' and offered very little in the form of a challenge to Fury's brutal onslaught.

After bizarrely blaming his costume for the loss, Wilder is expected to trigger a third bout between the two - we can only hope he comes better prepared for that one.

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