Europa League: Ranking every away kit from the 32 remaining teams

  • Kobe Tong

The Europa League is hotting up as the round of 32 hurtles towards its conclusion.

Ever since the Champions League group stages dumped some extra quality into Europe’s second tier competition, the landscape of Thursday night football has looked increasingly appetising.

It’s brilliant to know that Manchester United, Arsenal, Inter Milan, Ajax and many more will still be in action just as you thought European football is over for the week.

Here at GIVEMESPORT, we’ve been celebrating the crop of Europa League clubs by running through the quality of their kits, first ranking their home jerseys from worst to best.

Now, we’re turning our attentions to the away strips to see how Arsenal’s ‘bruised banana’ compares to United’s ‘snake skin’ and much more.

Ranking every Europa League away kit

And, yes, after Rangers secured a 1-0 win in Portugal on Wednesday night, we are reducing the catchment area to 31 clubs to accommodate Braga’s elimination.

Disclaimers aside, though, check out our rankings for the worst and best of 2019/20 Europa League away strips down below:

31. Gent

High-vis jerseys are pretty bad at the best of times, never mind when an equally lurid sponsor has been plastered all over it not once but twice. The VDK bank must be empty after all that product placement.

And don’t get us started on the back of this thing… sheesh.


Oh god, the dreaded ‘Pari Match’ logo that makes every kit it features on look cartoonish. Marry that to a garish shade of orange, an indecisive use of hoops, a rubbish collar and you have one of the Europa League’s worst shirts.

29. Shakhtar Donetsk

Nike clearly ran out of ideas when they drew up this anaemic colour scheme with such half-hearted texturing. It looks more like a pyjama top than an away strip for European competitions.

28. LASK

It looks like someone swallowed The Logo Board Game and vomited it all over this jersey, but we’re giving it the benefit of the doubt for having a pretty tidy black and white colour scheme.

27. CFR Cluj

This jersey got a first-class degree… at the University of Mediocre.

26. Benfica

This strip could have looked far better if Adidas didn’t choose such an ugly shade of red that really sinks a logo, badge and sponsor trio that worked so well on the home kit.

Plus, the texturing on the main body makes it look cheap and poorly made, even if it isn’t.

25. Istanbul Basaksehir

We’re getting into serious shrug-your-shoulders territory here and while the cocktail of navy and orange is pretty smart, there’s no denying that the template and badge are distinctly naff.

24. Ludogorets

Unlike the colour crisis at Shakhtar, Ludogorets have got their use of grey/silver pretty spot on and the black along the sides really elevates the shade. That being said, it’s just about as boring as it gets.

23. Getafe

It’s essentially the home kit that we thought was pretty middle of the road but soaked in an uglier shade of orange. We still like the same elements that have been carried over, though.

22. Manchester United

This divisive jersey, which we initially put 19th in our Premier League rankings, has grown on us the more we’ve seen it on the pitch.

The Adidas template is just as smart as you’d expect and the texturing isn’t too offensive, it’s just that we only really love it when we try and squint hard enough for it to look gold. 

21. Sporting Lisbon

The colour scheme is a little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it really works as a riff on Sporting’s traditional livery. They could have just toned down the polygraph-like horizontal stripes.

20. AS Roma

You can’t go too far wrong with Roma’s palette and the white background makes for a wonderful canvas, but this experimental design hasn’t worked as well as Nike might have imagined.

We don’t hate the lightning bolt. In fact, we like it. We just don’t love it.

19. Espanyol

Dark green, white and black blend surprisingly well on this smart, albeit pretty safe, template that narrowly avoids being sideswiped by a wordy sponsor and paw-print logo.

18. Bayer Leverkusen

We don’t know whether to be angry or happy about the fact this is literally Bayer’s home kit from last season. It walks the line between being downright lazy and a football hipster’s dream.

17. Sevilla

In truth, Sevilla’s kits have been pretty nondescript this season, but this bright away jersey is the most exciting of the bunch and it’s hard not to hate a strip that marries so well to its insignia by, well, keeping it simple.

16. Olympiacos

This kit makes us angry. Very angry.

The vibrant silver hue beautifully elevates the same texturing that flopped on the Benfica strip in a really smart Adidas outline… and then that cartoonish sponsor has to defecate all over it. Dang.

15. Club Brugge

The dark blue and burgundy really swim well together on the main torso, while the triangles add a nice touch of character on the shoulders and we have no complaints about the sponsor. Nice one.

14. Red Bull Salzburg

Navy and yellow stripes aren’t something you see everyday on a football kit, but we’re big fans of this tidy effort from Nike and we’re relieved to say the Red Bull branding is far subtler here than on the home iteration.

13. Basel

Black and white in a classic Adidas frame was always going to feature highly, never mind with the inspired splash of the red on the sleeves, it’s just a shame about the clunky sponsor tripping over the pinstripes.

12. Rangers

This looks cold. Cold and fresh. We adore the silvery blue splashes on a black background and it’s elevated from bang average to decent by the stripes that uniquely creep up to the sponsor but no further.

11. Malmo

Volkswagen and Malmo’s badges were clearly separated at birth based on how wonderfully their shades of blue blend together for a stunning away strip. That collar is just so smart, too.

10. Wolverhampton Wanderers

The cheat code for kits: black with touches of orange. Wolves couldn’t go wrong with these two hues and they delivered a smashing design that falls just short of God tier by a matter of inches.

9. FC Porto

We’ve really got behind Lille’s away kit this season, so it’s only fair we reward Porto’s effort with the same New Balance template.

There’s just something we love about the colour change on the backside of the arms, harmonising with the adjusted badge and sponsor, that really compliments the confident, yellow torso.

8. Wolfsburg

Somebody give whoever designed this collar at Nike a pay-rise because it emotes the Wolfsburg badge perfectly on a lush blue background. Plus, the Volkswagen logo comes up trumps yet again.

7. Eintracht Frankfurt

Ok, ok, it’s a little on the simple side, we know, but just try and pretend that the white, black and red doesn’t make for a masterful combination. Power to the half-and-half collar, by the way.

6. Copenhagen

Name a better trio than the Copenhagen badge, Adidas logo and Carlsberg sponsoring? Combine that with some fine black and navy hues, then you have yourself one hell of a jersey.

5. Ajax

This shouldn’t work and it very nearly doesn’t work, but it does work. You follow?

Adidas took a major risk ripping up the Ajax basics that have worked so well for them in the past and somehow conjured up a green and orange design with complex texturing that lands on its feet.

4. AZ

Look, we’re a sucker for black kits, never mind when they look like the club badge incarnate.

This couldn’t be a better homage to AZ than with its beautifully subtle nods to the traditional red and white on the sleeves and with a collar design of the likes we’ve never seen before.

3. Inter Milan

We’ve spent many an article singing the virtues of Inter’s kits this season and it speaks volumes that the away design, the weakest of the three, remains the Europa League’s third best threads.

2. Celtic

Ladies and gentlemen, yellow and green can actually work on a football shirt. Behold.

After jamming the knife in Celtic’s underwhelming home strip, we’re delighted to reward this colour match made in heaven and the subtle texturing on the shoulders proves sometimes the little things are most important.

1. Arsenal

Adidas have absolutely knocked it out the park with Arsenal’s designs this season and they couldn’t have paid homage to the ‘bruised banana’ any better than with this beauty.

It takes the original design that became so iconic in the 1990s, tidies it up within the unmistakable Adidas stripes and gives it a stunning modern riff that has sent it flying off the shelves.

Stunning Europa League kits

It goes without saying that away jerseys tend to look better and the Europa League is a fine demonstration of that. 

Give or take United, European football’s little sister boasts some fine efforts from British teams and fans will hope to see some of these designs take to the continental stage for a few more games yet.

And whether or not Arsenal come up short again, they can at least console themselves with the fact that no other Europa League could touch their away kit.

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