WWE news: Three veterans with the combined age of 149 go over at Super ShowDown


It is very Vince McMahon to put a spanner in the works as the company readies for their big showcase event on April 5 of this year – and results at the Mohammad Abu Arena on Thursday have definitely shaken up the main card for the ‘Showcase of the Immortals.’

Once again, WWE have decided to lean on the old in this year’s Super ShowDown, with the return of The Undertaker, Goldberg and their WWE champion Brock Lesnar; who have a combined age of 149.

Fans alike feared the worst when The Fiend was booked to defend his Universal Championship against WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg – as too many times have the company chosen to put over an old-timer and bury one of their best up-and-coming stars.

After four crunching spears and a Jackhammer from Goldberg, their fears were realised as the 53-year-old claimed his second Universal Championship to close the show, and to say fans were left angry would be an understatement.

Twitter was flooded with reaction to the result, with diehards coming together in criticism of WWE booking and #CancelWWENetwork trending world-wide.

@JesseGWWESC: “Today is the day I cancel my WWE Network subscription. I’ve lost my hopes and they just let me down everytime, they gave Kofi one of the greatest WresleMania moments and buried him in 5 seconds, now they build up Bray Wyatt a bury him to a f***ing 53-year-old-man. I'm done.”

Saudi Arabia also welcomed a 54-year-old The Undertaker back to the squared circle as a surprise entrant in the gauntlet match for the Tuwaiq Trophy.

After hitting AJ Styles with a chokeslam and scoring the pin to win the bout, this fuels rumours that The Deadman may be making a return to the ‘Show of Shows’ after missing his first 'Mania in almost 20 years last year.

But once again, the WWE has chosen to feed arguably their best chance of a 5-star-match and a quality technical wrestler to the hands of an old and out-of-sorts 'Taker.


Last on the agenda is the current WWE champion Brock Lesnar, who at the age of 42 was pitted up against the quick and exciting Ricochet.

After the challenger tweeted a touching tribute to his first ever match in 2003, which included the words: “Many of you don’t think I will win but little do you know. I’ve already won,” – everyone must have been hoping for a good showing for Ricochet against The Beast.

But not at all.

German Suplex after German Suplex after German Suplex – yeah, I think you get the picture.
It was a one-minute decimation, with part-timer Lesnar planting an F5 on his promising opponent to successfully defend his title going into Elimination Chamber in March.


There’s no wonder so much controversy has been stemmed from this event.

Just to reiterate, 149 is the combined age of Undertaker, Goldberg and Lesnar, who all claimed victory in squash matches against their far more promising opponents.

It took one minute to stamp out Ricochet, one chokeslam for Undertaker to beat AJ Styles, one Jackhammer for Goldberg to almost squander the months of brilliant character building from Bray Wyatt.

The WWE are heading into an all too familiar direction, but what they don’t seem to understand is that these legends are getting older and there will come a point that they can’t use them as a crutch anymore.

And all this time they could have been building these successful and promising wrestlers and characters, not nullifying them to the point of burial.

Poor future proofing from Vince McMahon and his team, and with AEW climbing in the ratings, they will start to become better propositions for WWE wrestlers to make the most out of their careers.

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