WWE news: Five ways WWE can save The Fiend's character after Super ShowDown


Bray Wyatt. Every wrestling fan can acknowledge the sheer brilliance and creativity of this man to reinvent himself to a genius degree.

A wrestler who was never booked to his full potential beforehand.

As much as we try not to, we can all remember Vince McMahon’s obliviousness in booking Wyatt, dressing up in drag as Sister Abigail to take on Finn Balor for SummerSlam 2017 – something that, thank the lord, never came to fruition with an illness saving Wyatt’s dignity as he was subsequently replaced by The Phenomenal AJ Styles.

It was not until two years later, at the same pay-per-view, that a new creation of Bray Wyatt took to the squared circle for the first time for his in-ring debut. The Fiend.

And since then, it has been near-perfect booking. With fun ‘Firefly Funhouse’ segments unequivocally enjoyed by the masses every Monday night.

Being built as a total monster, an immovable object, The Fiend finally tasted gold in the exact country where almost a year later his career would take another downturn.

Winning his first Universal title in October of 2019 at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, he surmounted the challenge of Seth Rollins in a Falls Count Anywhere encounter.

But nearly one year in the future, which actually was this Thursday, The Fiend’s short-lived brilliance came full circle as he fell to the deathly blow of a Jackhammer from Goldberg at Super ShowDown.

After what was a borderline burial of one of the WWE’s most intriguing, exciting and unique creations, people are left wondering what can be done to salvage and save The Fiend’s character.

Well here, GiveMeSport provides WWE with five ways they could resurrect the character before it's too late!


1. Retribution in the Chamber

The WWE could just ultimately press ‘Ctrl Alt Dlt’ on the absolute horror show of a result for The Fiend that took place at Super ShowDown and just have him reclaim his Universal title at Elimination Chamber IN an Elimination Chamber in March.

In what could possibly end up being the most unlikely option in the list, The Fiend could possibly reclaim any credibility lost to Goldberg by absolutely decimating the 53-year-old and five other competitors in the steel chamber.

How cool would it be to witness, though? The Fiend, who no surprise is full of anger following Super ShowDown, would take his emotions out on five other men in a brutal Elimination Chamber squash match.

Mandible Claw after Mandible Claw for Wyatt to reclaim his title in destructive fashion.


But it’s never going to happen, because Bill Goldberg can barely get through a normal exhibition let alone one of the most dangerous matchups in wrestling.

2. Retiring The Undertaker at the Show of the Immortals

One could say that the best thing to do is just draw a line under Goldberg and start anew.

And I don’t think there’s a better way to restart The Fiend’s engine than in what would be an unbelieve dream match between two dark forces in the WWE.

Yes, there’s the fact that they may have just started a feud between 'Taker and AJ Styles, but if anyone are specialists in abandoning booking decisions, it’s the WWE.

After missing his first WrestleMania in almost 20 years last year, there are signs that there is not long left in the career of future Hall of Famer The Undertaker.


There is no better way to cement The Fiend’s position as the best evil unnatural force in the WWE than by retiring a legend in the ilk of The Deadman on the biggest show of the year.

3. Revenge on the Cenation

Sixteen-time world champion John Cena has shared the squared circle a fair few times with Bray Wyatt, such as Payback 2014, Extreme Rules 2014 and many more.

But the WrestleMania 30 bout springs to mind the most, as that was another example of Wyatt’s career taking a backseat to an already built-up future legend of the industry.

Despite a strong build up to what could’ve been a career-crowning moment for Wyatt, and a strong performance in the actual match, it took nothing but two AA’s for Cena to win clean and once again anger the WWE faithful.

Now, six years later, the pair could meet one last time at the ‘Show of Shows’ with the angle that the Fiend wants to make amends.

WWE SummerSlam 2015

And nothing screams saving The Fiend’s character than defeating the company's old poster boy in front of thousands in Florida.

4. The Battle of former brothers

The Wyatt Family were one of the greatest stables in the history of the WWE.

Including Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, the group added Braun Strowman to the roster before they ceased to exist.

Strowman, who has since become a successful singles competitor, has won The Greatest Royal Rumble, the Raw Tag Team Championships with a kid, and is currently the Intercontinental Champion.

If Vince wants to do what Vince does and force his favourite Roman Reigns in the main event against Goldberg at 'Mania, The Fiend could rekindle his dominance by picking up the mid-card championship in what could be a very intriguing story.

WWE Rings The New York Stock Exchange Opening Bell In Honor Of WrestleMania 32

After teasing it numerous times previously, the old Master vs the old Apprentice could really rip it up and play out a classic at WrestleMania 36 in April.

5. Two unnatural forces collide

In what could possibly be an outside contender, a feud with fellow unnatural superstar Aleister Black at 'Mania could help save The Fiend’s character in a way that wouldn’t hamper his opponent.

Having only recently been called up from NXT, what a good way to cap off a great year for Black by meeting one of the year’s MVP’s in The Fiend on the biggest stage in wrestling.

Black has had a very slow build since his inception on the main roster, but he is a fantastic technical wrestler and leaves fans on the edge of their seats.

Partnered with The Fiend, they would blend with each other very well and put on one of the best matches of the night – and the story would be proper freaky too!

With Wyatt going over in this particular encounter, he would put himself at the pinnacle of the unnatural on the roster and would help build him back up to the scintillating and spine-tingling character that we have all seen on our screens these past few months.

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