WWE news: Kofi Kingston took an insane bump at Super ShowDown


It's safe to say the majority of WWE fans are not happy with how Super ShowDown went down on Thursday in Saudi Arabia.

Brock Lesnar squashed Ricochet within minutes, taking him to Suplex City in the process, before finishing him off with just one F-5.

Then, to make things even worse, Goldberg destroyed The Fiend in the main event in similar fashion to become the new Universal Champion.

A few spears and then one heavily botched Jackhammer was enough to give Goldberg the win over one of WWE's hottest properties today, and that was enough to send fans home very, very angry.

However, it wasn't all bad in Saudi Arabia, there were actually some good matches and good spots; we also shouldn't forget it's the last time we'll see Baron Corbin vs Roman Reigns.

One moment in particular that is seemingly being ignored or not getting enough credit is Kofi Kingston's insane bump during The New Day's tag team match against John Morrison and The Miz.

With the titles on the line, The New Day, being represented by Big E and Kofi, took on the cocky duo and ultimately fell short, losing their titles after The Miz rolled up the latter with the help of his tights.

The result isn't the main thing, though, it was Kingston's theatrics that deserve plaudits, and the fact that it's barely being acknowledged is a shame.

With The Miz standing outside the ring, Kingston used this opportunity to run the ropes and fling himself over the top one to ultimately land on the A-lister.

However, Miz sidestepped Kingston, which left him crashing down hard onto the mat right on his back.

No cushion, no support, nothing. Just a straight drop from the top rope to the floor. Ouch!

It was an incredible spot and a brave one at that too. One that deserves a lot more credit than it's getting.

Sadly for Kingston, and the rest of the roster for that matter, the majority of reaction from Thursday night is negative and is aimed at Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and WWE creative.

We appreciate you, though, Kofi!

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