WWE news: Bray Wyatt has tweeted following his squash defeat to Goldberg


We are just 24 hours removed from WWE's Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia where Goldberg became the new Universal Champion after defeating 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt.

In the main event, Goldberg hit four spears and one Jackhammer before pinning the champ, much to the annoyance of the WWE Universe.

Fans were fuming with how creative booked the match, and even more fuming with the fact that The Fiend not only lost, but was squashed.

He got a couple of Mandible Claws in throughout, but that was it, the rest was Goldberg dominating him, and within minutes, it was all over. Months of character building and months of epic promos and segments washed down the drain.

Now, Goldberg is likely to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania for the belt, which will likely see The Big Dog leave as champion, but for The Fiend, understandably so, fans are concerned about his future. Where on earth can he possibly go after such a devastating loss? And how can WWE possibly make him as strong as he has looked?

Where does he go after being dominated so badly in the biggest match of his title reign?

Although that's unknown for now, Wyatt has since taken to Twitter to post a cryptic tweet following his defeat at Super ShowDown.

He has said: "Life is a circle. No matter what beast you make of yourself or how bright one side is, inevitably the dark side comes again. But the beauty of the circle is, round we go."

Yes of course WWE is scripted, so Wyatt would have known he was losing his belt to Goldberg, but he will surely be annoyed at how the match was booked and the fact his title reign came to a crashing end.

Hopefully, like Wyatt said, good times will be back around, and hopefully WWE haven't buried yet another great gimmick created by Bray.

Every member of the WWE Universe will be hoping The Fiend bounces back from this and can still be plausible and believable when it comes to being a main event player.

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