Eddie Hearn shoots down conspiracy theory surrounding Tyson Fury's gloves

Eddie Hearn has blasted the conspiracy theory that Tyson Fury had tampered with his gloves, prior to his stunning win over Deontay wilder in their second clash last week. 

Tyson Fury grabbed headlines worldwide after comprehensively out-boxing and out-muscling his opponent throughout the entirety of their WBC clash, dominating Wilder from the first bell until the fight’s conclusion in the seventh round. 

The manner of the win shocked many within the sport, with many prior to the fight having predicted either a win for Wilder via-knockout, or a win for the larger Fury, if the fight were to go the distance. 

After Fury demonstrated the new, more aggressive style he has been perfecting under his new trainer Javan ‘SugarHill’ Steward, however, some were quick to question if there hadn’t been more to the eye than first appeared.

Some Wilder fans dissected footage from their rematch, and highlighted certain moments in the fight in which Fury’s gloves appeared to be ‘flapping’, and be making contact with Wilder lower down than is usually seen. 

Supported of the theory have claimed that Fury was aiming to use the lower, less-padded section if his gloves in order to inflict more punishment on his opponent with each punch, but many more – Hearn included – have questioned the logic behind this.

“I think he used an illegal glove… not!” Hearn told Boxing Social, when pressed for his opinion on the matter.

“I dunno really, bit weird. But if you’ve got your hand halfway in a glove, what benefit is that actually going to give you?.

“You’re not going to punch them with the front bit.”

Whilst some fans are certain there was foul play involved in the bout, Hearn dismissed any such suggestions, and likened it to the excuse given by Wilder in the aftermath of his defeat.

“It’s up there with the suit, the heavy suit. I think you should ask Tyson Fury”.

After being quizzed as to why Fury was able to inflict such damage in their rematch, Wilder claimed his ring walk suit was in fact too heavy, and had tired him out before the fight had even began. 

Very few fans gave this theory any credence however, and it appears this latest conspiracy theory as to why the ‘Bronze Bomber’ was dethroned, will be treated in much the same way. 

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