AEW news: Jon Moxley recalls a chat he had with Cody Rhodes about bringing pro wrestling back in AEW


Jon Moxley has recalled a phone conversation he had with Cody Rhodes prior to signing with AEW last year where they talked about bringing back old-fashioned pro wrestling.

To date, Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE, remains one of the most shocking signings AEW has made since the promotion launched last year.

AEW pushed him even further this past Saturday at Revolution by having him defeat Chris Jericho in the show’s main event to become the new AEW World Champion.

After the show, while talking to the media, Moxley reflected on a phone call he had with Cody prior to signing on the dotted line with AEW.

The AEW World Champion said he spoke to AEW’s executive vice president about bringing old-fashioned pro wrestling back, which is something he hopes to achieve.

Moxley said, via Wrestling Inc: "A year ago, we had a conversation on the phone and [Cody] said, 'let's bring pro wrestling back. Pro wrestling that you grew up on! Not crap, not sports entertainment, not scripted canned horsecrap. Pro wrestling!

"I'm telling you, it works! It's like mac 'n cheese, it's always good, it always works and we brought that back."

Moxley also expressed his feelings about winning a world title in wrestling for the first time since he captured the WWE Championship in 2016.


He said: "I'm feeling pretty f--king good about it. If I was 25, a moment like that, there would have had more anger, a little more temper tantrum tendencies.

“I just knew in the bottom of my heart, [Chris Jericho] can't pin me, he can't submit me, he can't beat me, he's going to have to kill me or knock me out, and I don't think he can do it.

"That feeling of satisfaction of a piece of work, that artistic satisfaction - eight weeks of beginning to end - that piece of work. It's like popping f--king bubble wrap, it's so satisfying. It's why we do this.


“To be standing there in that arena full of 6,000 people who are just so happy, and they've been on the ride and been on the journey... it's like a painting I can hang on my wall and I can always look at."

Moxley did also add that he was ‘half concussed’ at one point during AEW Revolution’s main event, so there’s a chance we may not see him in action on Dynamite this week.

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