WWE news: Erick Rowan reveals that the contents of his mystery cage is a GIANT spider

Erick Rowan has FINALLY revealed what is in his cage

Erick Rowan hasn't exactly been blessed with the most amazing gimmicks and creative pitches, and his most recent run as a singles star on Raw has followed that trend.

The giant bearded superstar had a purpose in his original run in the Wyatt Family, but lost his way when he and Harper were 'set free' by Bray Wyatt in 2014.

A re-union followed, and in 2017 he formed a tag team with Harper known as the Bludgeon Brothers, but when both men suffered injuries, Rowan soon aligned himself with Daniel Bryan as his hired muscle.

Following the WWE Draft in October, Rowan came back to Raw and was soon saddled with a new idea - he would bring a cage to the ring with him and week-after-week he would defeat a jobber in minutes.

Several times though Rowan has been 'bitten' by whatever is inside the cage, and he becomes enraged when someone touches the cage or accidentally knocks it over, and there's seemingly been no end in sight to the 'mystery' behind it.

But apparently, all someone had to do to find out what was inside the cage was to ask him nicely. That was literally it.

And No Way Jose obliged backstage last night on Monday Night Raw - and it turns out the rumours from last month were indeed true.

Rowan reached inside the cage and brought out a gigantic spider which frightened off Jose and his conga line.

Whilst the spider is obviously fake (who knew?), it is a bit of a lame pay-off for something that has been going on for four months.

It was never going to be enthralling, but perhaps it deserved a bit more than a backstage segment with No Way Jose?

Erick Rowan brought out a huge spider from his mystery cage on Raw

Rowan is on a losing streak as of quite recently, after being defeated in successive weeks by Aleister Black, and then getting himself disqualified at Super ShowDown in the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet match.

Either WWE are giving up on the Rowan experiment, or the reveal of the 'spider' is going to give him a new lease of life, and he's going to use it like Jake 'The Snake' Roberts used his pet to gain an advantage in the 80s and 90s.

With Vince McMahon reportedly behind Rowan's pre-Royal Rumble push though, it looks like it's all down to him as to whether or not Rowan sinks or swims from this point onwards.

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