WWE news: Aleister Black's year-long unbeaten streak is ended on Monday Night Raw by AJ Styles

Aleister Black suffered a loss for the first time on the WWE main roster

WWE tend to do a hard job of protecting superstars nowadays, and unlike the early 2000s where there was only a small selection of top stars, the playing field in 2020 is huge.

So many talents are vying for the top spots on Raw and SmackDown that it's impossible to give everyone the wins that they need in order to elevate them, but in turn that halts others' momentum.

One man who has been majorly protected though is Aleister Black.

Black was a force to be reckoned with in NXT, and was only pinned a handful of times in his couple of years with the brand, and every time it happened there were shenanigans that played a part in his downfall.

Since his move to the main roster in February 2019, Black has never been pinned or submitted, although he's been on the losing end of tag team matches but considering he never took the fall, his streak remains intact.

He may be the one man on the roster that has been the most protected, and the Black Mass finisher is up there with the RKO and the Claymore Kick when it comes to finishers you never kick out of.

Aleister Black's Black Mass is one of the most protected finishers in the business

Black though met his match last night on Raw in the form of The Phenomenal One.

The Dutchman was scheduled for a one-on-one match with AJ Styles, but he first had to go through singles matches against the two other members of The O.C. - Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

AJ Styles took the fight to Aleister Black on Raw

Anderson was seen to with a Black Mass, and Gallows made sure he wouldn't suffer the same fate as he intentionally got himself disqualified.

That left Styles to take on a beaten-down Black, who was powerless to stop AJ from hitting his Phenomenal Forearm for a three-count - the first time he has been pinned on the main roster.

There will no doubt be some fans who are angry that his undefeated streak is over, but there's no need to panic just yet.

Black was protected in the sense that it took three men to take him out, and he's also getting a rematch with Styles this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

There's also a sneaking suspicion that he may be involved in a multi-person WrestleMania match, pitting The O.C. against Black, The Undertaker and another man, but reliable sources still say that Taker and Styles will pit their wits against each other in a singles match.

So where does that leave Aleister for WrestleMania? Who knows, but even though he's lost one match, he's not 'buried' just yet.

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