Liverpool fan says he's "not confident" they'll win the Premier League after Chelsea defeat

Liverpool have lost their air of invisibility in recent weeks.

Jurgen Klopp’s side have lost three out of their previous four matches and saw their treble dreams go up in smokes with a 2-0 defeat to Chelsea in the FA Cup on Tuesday.

Liverpool will still likely go on to win the Premier League, the trophy that they want the most.

But considering this once looked like a team that would win multiple trophies this season, their current form is deeply concerning.

And it’s beginning to get to some Liverpool fans.

Many out there aren’t fussed about the FA Cup exit, and they don’t mind if they don’t win the Champions League as well. They did that last season, after all.

They just want the Premier League.

But one nervous supporter even believes that could be in doubt, calling into talkSPORT on Tuesday to express his concerns despite their 22-point lead at the top of the table.

When asked by the presenters if Liverpool will be champions, the fan, named David, replied: “No I’m not confident.

“I’ve looked at their fixture list, they’ve got some tricky matches. They’ve got to play Arsenal who may be coming back into form and can focus now on the league because they’re out of the Europa League.

“Then we’ve got Everton, that’s not going to be easy. They’ve got to play Newcastle [United], they won tonight.

I don’t even know if they’ll score against Bournemouth. They can’t score!

Liverpool need just four wins from their final 10 matches to guarantee the title but David admitted he doesn’t know where those wins will come from.

“I don’t know which four games they can win,” he added. “They’ve just lost to Watford 3-0!”

David carries on by insisting that he wants the club to sign Erling Haaland or Timo Werner, while Robert Lewandowski “would do”.

They’ve had it so good that just a few defeats have sent this Liverpool fan into meltdown.

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