Mike Tyson was king of the intimidating ring walk

The ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ certainly had a way of showing that he was one of the most feared boxers out there without the need for an over the top costume or entrance music.

The 53-year-old now ex-undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson came out with no robe, socks or entrance music, and demonstrated very little emotion.

When asked about his ring walk, Tyson said: “My entrance made me feel like a warrior and made me feel like I was ready to go to work.”

One entrance that immediately springs to mind was his memorable ring walk back in 1988 before his one round annihilation of Michael Spinks in Atlantic City.

The American entered the arena to the sound of noise, clanging chains, and sinister tones that provided the ultimate intimidation factor for Spinks.

Although Tyson has now stuck to podcasts and Hollywood appearances, when reminiscing about his boxing days on Hotboxin’ Podcast with fellow boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, he got emotional talking about how he studied the art of war.

He also addressed how not being a boxer made him feel like ‘nothing’ and how he feared if the old Tyson came out, then ‘hell would come with him.’

Last week in Las Vegas, Tyson witnessed his namesake Tyson Fury, who was named after the great heavyweight for fighting when he was born prematurely, beat Deontay Wilder.

Subsequently, Wilder has blamed his loss on his Black History Month costume, and many fans believe that the Bronze Bomber should take a page out of ‘The Iron’ Mike Tyson for his next fight, focusing less on elaborate costumes, and more on getting the job done in the ring.

“Wear a towel with a hole cut in it on the walk instead of a 45 pound suit.”

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