Didier Drogba was better than Thierry Henry, fan argues in compelling Twitter thread

Theirry Henry and Didier Drogba are renowned as two of the greatest foreign strikers in Premier League history. 

But who was better? 

Ask an Arsenal fan and it will be their legendary Frenchman. Ask a Chelsea fan and the answer is their iconic Ivorian. 

Most ‘unbiased’ football supporters – if you can call them that – would probably lean towards Henry. 

But this week, a Twitter thread putting forward the argument that Drogba was better has re-surfaced as the debate over the two players re-ignited on social media.

So without further ado, enjoy the highlights from Keyser Soze’s compelling case. 

“Henry played in 9 cup finals, scored 0 goals. Drogba played in 10 cup finals. Scored 10 goals,” his argument begins.

“Henry was notoriously terrible in big games. You can’t be “great” and not be clutch. You can’t think of any player in any sport that isn’t clutch but is great.” 

That’s a fair point. Moving on, Soze suggests: “Henry shamelessly joined Barcelona to win a Champions League to piggyback off [Samuel] Eto’o and [Lionel] Messi.” 

Drogba on the other hand, was crucial for Chelsea when they won the European Cup – despite the fact he was 34-years-old. 

“In 2012, Drogba scored twice vs Valencia in group stages when Chelsea were going to get kicked out the group stages,” Soze writes. 

“Then [he] scored crucial knockout stage goals against Napoli, Barcelona and Bayern. He was 34 years old. At age 34 Henry was playing for New York Red Bulls.” 

To further his point, the fan argues that Drogba won the Champions League with Ryan Bertrand and Salomon Kalou as his wingers for service. 

Henry, on the other hand, ‘choked’ when it mattered and failed to win the competition with a London club.  

Finally, Soze compares the two players and their best scoring seasons in the Premier League and Champions League.  

“Henry: 30 goals, 6 assists in 2003/04, Drogba: 29 goals, 10 assists in 2009/10. Drogba took a month off for AFCON midway.”  

You can see the full thread below: 


We told you – it’s a compelling case. When you look at goals – especially important ones – Drogba does come out on top. 

Plus, he was key to Chelsea winning the Champions League, while Henry wasn’t exactly the main man for Barcelona when winning the tournament in 2009.

But in other areas, Henry no doubt comes out on top and the debate between the two legends will no doubt rage on for years to come. 

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