Eric Dier clashes with Tottenham fan: New footage of the incident has emerged

  • Rob Swan

There were shocking scenes involving Eric Dier in the aftermath of Tottenham’s FA Cup defeat against Norwich City on Wednesday night.

The defender was involved in a physical confrontation with a Spurs fan shortly after his side were beaten on penalties.

Dier scored in the shoot-out but was filmed being restrained by security staff shortly after Norwich goalkeeper Tim Krul had saved Gedson Fernandes’s final penalty.

Rumours quickly circulated on social media as to why the incident had happened. But initial suggestions that it was because Fernandes had been racially abused appear to be wide of the mark.

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho told reporters that Dier was defending his younger brother, who was involved in some sort of disagreement with another fan. The supporter allegedly insulted Dier, which the player’s brother took exception to, and this led to the fracas.

“I think Eric did what we professionals cannot do but probably every one of us would do,” Mourinho said in his post-match press conference. “I repeat we professionals cannot do it, but I repeat I am with the player and I understand the player. The fans were with the team until the last penalty kick that we missed.

“This person insulted Eric, the family was there, the younger brother was not happy with the situation.”

On the prospect of Tottenham taking action against Dier, Mourinho added: “If the club does that I will not agree, but he did wrong.”

Meanwhile, more footage has emerged of the incident, including the moment where Dier first decided to confront the fan.

This angle shows him looking up at the stands before running and jumping over the advertising hoardings.

He then proceeds to scale the rows of seats, making his way in between the supporters who hadn’t yet left, before reaching the supporter in question.

Suddenly the melee ensues…

This angle was filmed by a supporter situated right next to where Dier jumped over the advertising hoardings…

While on this video you can hear Dier shout “He’s my brother!” as he’s told to relax by those around him while stewards take him and another man – presumably his sibling – to safety…

The same happens on this video…

Dan Kilpatrick of the Evening Standard revealed that Dier was said to be calm afterwards, while his brother visited the dressing room.

Dier’s actions can’t be condoned but, nevertheless, his reaction is understandable. He was protecting his brother.

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