Floyd Mayweather wants $600 million to fight Conor McGregor & Khabib Nurmagomedov

Floyd Mayweather has said he will be willing to fight both Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, so long as he’s paid $600 million.

Both McGregor and Nurmagomedov have expressed an interest in fighting against Mayweather in the ring over the past couple of years, and it seems the undefeated boxer is willing to accept the challenge.

Mayweather has reportedly been in talks with UFC President Dana White about another return to the ring, and either McGregor or Nurmagomedov could be his opponent.

However, after coming out of retirement to put his undefeated streak on the line vs McGregor for $300 million in August 2017, Mayweather wants an even bigger pay packet the next time he steps foot inside the ring.

Speaking at an event at London’s York Hall, promoted by DKM Promotions, Mayweather said he would be willing to step back inside the ring to fight McGregor and Nurmagomedov, so long as he was paid $600 million.

The undefeated boxer said, according to the Mirror: “Like we talked about on social media, there’s two names right now. We talked about the Conor McGregor fight, we talked about the Khabib fight.

“For myself, the number is $600 million. If I’m going to go out there and risk it, it’d have to be worth it.”

Mayweather added that his career earning has continued to increase on a fight by fight basis since he took charge of his own future.

He said: “Last time we went from $250 million to $300 million and hopefully we can break that this year.”

The undefeated boxer was also asked about his first meeting inside the ring with McGregor way back in August 2017, a fight which he won via TKO in round 10.

Mayweather said: “That was a business move. In the boxing world as of right now, it doesn’t make sense for me to fight any ordinary fighter. I’m a businessman. The Conor McGregor fight made sense. If it makes money, it makes sense.

“I don’t fight fighters or compete against competitors that only have cities behind them. If I’m going to fight you, you have to have a whole country behind you. The first fight was entertaining. It’s an entertainment business.”

Sounds like Mayweather is up for returning to the ring in 2020, so long as his price of $600 million is met.

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