AEW news: Jake 'The Snake' Roberts cuts a brilliant promo on Cody Rhodes on AEW Dynamite

WWE Hall of Famer Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts made a surprise appearance on AEW Dynamite this week and delivered a brilliant promo in the middle of the ring directed at Cody Rhodes.

Cody appeared on Dynamite this week to follow up his match with MJF from AEW Revolution last Saturday, as he called out MJF for cheating in that match.

Instead of MJF, Roberts came down to the ring, much to the surprise of fans watching AEW at home and fans watching inside the arena.

The WWE Hall of Famer then cut a brilliant promo in the middle of the ring, saying he hated to spoil the party but he was getting tired of Cody’s crying.

Roberts then added that he wasn’t there to praise Rhodes, he was there to slay him into with a new client.

He said: “The Dark Side is coming to AEW, and once my roots have taken hold it will be like a phoenix rising from the ashes.”

The WWE Hall of Famer also added that he be on the outside of the ring for his client’s matches and that Cody could bring Arn Anderson if he wishes, who he described as ‘that one-trick pony’.

Roberts added that he’s not in AEW to ‘take the whole pie’, just Cody’s share of it.

He finished his promo off by saying: “Never ever turn your back on somebody you respect or you’re afraid of,” before turning his back on Cody and exiting the ring. 

This was brilliant. It’s great to see Roberts not just back in a wrestling promotion, but in a big role and on television as well.

Apparently, even WWE’s Randy Orton may have enjoyed seeing Roberts back in a wrestling ring, as he tweeted out a video of Roberts taking an RKO from several years back.

This isn’t Roberts’ first appearance for AEW, as he had previously made an appearance in a video that announced some of the participants for a women’s Casino Battle Royale at last year’s All Out.

While it looks like Cody’s storyline with MJF is concluded, for now, another feud has come to the forefront for him in the form of Roberts and his mysterious client yet to be named.

Overall, it’s great to see Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts back in a wrestling ring!

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