High-paid CEO takes legal action against EA Sports after spending £13k on FIFA Ultimate Team

A high-paid executive who spent £13,000 buying packs on FIFA Ultimate Team has filed a complaint against EA Sports. 

The 38-year-old CEO, who has given the false name ‘Bruno’ to hide his identity, has likened the game to gambling in a casino. 

He claims he started playing three years ago, spending just £8 to improve his team, before becoming addicted and losing a lot of money.  

“[It was] a nightmare. I wasted £13,000 in three years, it really was a vicious circle,” Bruno said, per The Sun.

“[I started by] spending £8.68 to try to improve my team. Then I did it again once, then twice.

“I always thought it was the last time, but the system is made so that it pushes you to pay without really realising it.

“In the end, I no longer had a social life, I spent all my time on FUT, every evening, every weekend. It was like a drug no one has warned you about.”

Two lawyers in France have now started legal proceedings against the Ultimate Team mode.

“We have filed two complaints [against FUT] on behalf of two clients,” they told L’Equipe, per The Sun.

“It is a slot machine that has been introduced to the family home.

“We have received hundreds of messages and have already filed 15 additional complaints, from men aged 19 to 42, from all over France and from all walks of life.

“Before, some players were afraid [to complain] because EA is all-powerful. But people are speaking up.” 

Many of us have no doubt been guilty of handing EA Sports our hard-earned money from time-to-time.

But very few will ever spend £13,000 on Ultimate Team packs. Will ‘Bruno’ ever be able to prove that FIFA Ultimate Team has conned him out of his money though? Probably not.   

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