WWE news: Matt Hardy believes The Hardy Boyz' WrestleMania 33 pop happened thanks to Broken gimmick

When The Hardy Boyz returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 in 2017, they received one of the loudest pops by fans in recent memory.

The night ended up being more spectacular for Matt and Jeff Hardy, as not only were they surprise entrants into the Raw Tag Team Championship match on the show, they won the titles as well.

After all, it was a ladder match, so it should come as no surprise that The Hardy Boyz won and received the reception that they did by the WWE fans in attendance.

However, during a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, Matt argued that the pop wouldn’t have been as big if it weren’t for what the brothers were able to do outside of WWE. That being, of course, their work as Broken Matt and Brother Nero.

Speaking to Tommy Dreamer about the reaction The Hardy Boyz received at WrestleMania 33, Matt said, via Fightful: “The reaction we got at WrestleMania 33 being the Hardy Boyz, we wouldn’t have gotten that reaction if Broken Matt and Brother Nero hadn’t come to fruition. If they hadn’t come to be. That’s what got us red hot again.

“That’s one thing I realized, you never stay the same in this industry. You’re constantly changing. What happens when I get to the next stage when I become the second coming of Matt Hardy, that character is still going to evolve.

“It’s not going to be like the original Matt Hardy. There’s many more layers. I’m working on creating one of the most layered characters in wrestling history. There’s constant change, all the time. That’s what you have to have to stay fresh and keep people interested.

“Even when Jeff and I came back and we did the Hardy Boyz, Jeff got hurt and I did an overseas tour, every single night there’s ‘Delete, Delete.’ That’s what people wanted to see at that point. The Hardy Boyz were two guys who were 25-30 years old and we’re past that. We’ve moved on.

“You have to constantly keep changing and evolving. That’s the secret to longevity in this business.”

The Broken universe gimmick was a gimmick which Matt created during his time in TNA/Impact Wrestling, but it was never given a chance to flourish and thrive in WWE.

This ultimately led to creative differences between Matt and WWE, and as a result of being unable to come to an agreement on creative, Matt allowed his WWE contract to expire and he departed the company after three years earlier this week.

Jeff meanwhile still has a couple of months left on his current WWE contract due to injuries, but he’s widely expected to allow his contract to expire too.

While Matt hasn’t ruled out a return to WWE in the future, he is widely expected to sign with AEW, especially after The Young Bucks made an appearance on his YouTube channel earlier this week.

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