Loris Karius blames the Turkish floodlights for his mistakes at Besiktas

It will have come as no surprise to Liverpool fans that Loris Karius hasn’t found it easy in Turkey. 

The goalkeeper was loaned out to Besiktas in 2018 with the hope of resurrecting his career after arguably the most catastrophic individual performance ever seen in a Champions League final. 

Whenever reports come out of the Super Lig that Karius has had a decent run of form, he inevitably seems to make another slip-up.

Countless howlers have done the rounds since he made the move and the explanation is obvious. The German’s confidence was absolutely shot to pieces by his infamous errors against Real Madrid and he’s never been the same since. 

However, the 26-year-old has come up with an alternative theory. Unfortunately, in some quarters it’s bound to be seen as nothing more than a rather feeble excuse, but it may all date back to his clash with Sergio Ramos. 

Just when you thought the Real Madrid defender couldn’t do any more damage. 

The Sun are citing Fotospor in suggesting that Karius finds the floodlights used in Turkey to be too bright, leaving him dazed and confused. 

It’s claimed in that report that the stopper’s concussion after apparently being elbowed by Ramos may be a factor, as the specialists who treated him noted that long-term sight issues could occur in those who have suffered a knock to the head. 

There really is no getting away from that night in Kiev, is there? 

On a more positive note, Karius at least insists that he no longer thinks about that game. 

The reality is that it will forever be impossible for him to escape it, particularly as he has done little to prove his doubters wrong in Turkey. 

Some of his errors can be seen HERE. 

Besiktas have, on occasion, considered sending him back to his parent club, Liverpool, but that’s a move that would nobody any favours. 

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