Ranking the greatest football games on the PlayStation 2

Do you ever just sit back and reminisce on the days where you would come home from school at 3pm and just play video games until bedtime?

You’d get home, run straight into your bedroom, load up the PlayStation One or PlayStation 2 and then spend the next few hours gaming away like there’s no problems in the world.

It truly was a blissful time and the innocence of childhood.

Well, be prepared to take a long journey down nostalgia road here and brace yourself for the greatest ever PS2 football games. With the help of Ranker and its readers, we now have a list of the greatest football games to be released on the console, and some of them are absolute classics.

We had legendary football games being produced and an abundance of titles to choose from. You had the likes of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer that would be released every year, to the lesser known LMA Manager 2003 and David Beckham Soccer that were still unbelievable games.

Ranking them in order from best to worst is a mean task, especially with so many childhood memories attached to these games, but that’s what they’ve done at Ranker, and the list is absolutely stacked with nostalgia.

Of course, the list doesn’t involve EVERY single football game ever released for the PS2, but it certainly includes all the big ones.

So without further ado, here are the greatest football games for the classic console.


42. Freestyle Street Soccer

41. Animal Soccer World

40. Gaelic Games: Football 2

39. World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 International

38. J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! 5

37. World Tour Soccer 2002

36. World Tour Soccer 2005

35. Soccer America International Cup

34. Lego Soccer Mania

33. David Beckham Soccer

32. Manchester United Manager 2005

31. AC Milan Club Football 2005

30. Virtua Pro Football

29. Total Club Manager 2004

28. Total Club Manager 2005

27. Let’s Make a Soccer Team!

26. LMA Manager 2003

25. FIFA 10

24. World Tour Soccer 2003

23. FIFA 11

22. FIFA 2002

21. FIFA 12

42-21 Summary

Feeling nostalgic already? We don’t blame you! 

As you can see from this section of the list, there are certainly some lesser known games that were released, but there were also some classics that don’t even make the top 20!

LMA Manager 2003 only sitting at 26th, whilst FIFA 10, FIFA 11, FIFA 2002 and FIFA 12 fail to break the top 20.

Just goes to show how many great football games we had at our disposal on the PS2.


20. UEFA Champions League 2006–2007

19. FIFA 07

18. Sega Soccer Slam

17. This is Football 2003

16. FIFA 06

15. FIFA 08

14. FIFA 2001

13. FIFA 13

12. FIFA 09

11. 2002 FIFA World Cup

10. UEFA Euro 2008

9. Pro Evolution Soccer 5

8. FIFA Street

7. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

6. World Soccer Winning Eleven 9

5. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

4. FIFA 14

3. FIFA Street 2

2. Pro Evolution Soccer 6

1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2

20-1 Summary


What a list of football games. 

As you can see, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer dominate the top 20, and can you really argue with that? It was truly a battle of the juggernauts to try and release the best game, and by this ranking, it seems that Pro Evo may have bettered FIFA when it comes to PS2 games.

Interestingly, FIFA Street 2 comes in above the original, which may spark debate, but can you really argue with Pro Evo 6 and Pro Evo 2 taking the top two spots?

One thing is for sure, the memories will stay with us forever.

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