Fan creates superb thread of footballer's most bizarre tweets

Footballers on social media really are the gift that keeps on giving. 

Twitter is largely full of players recycling the same old lines: ‘We go again next week. Fans were amazing!’ 

Now and again, however, we witness a genuine literary colossus in action.

A Shakespeare of our times. Wayne Rooney’s epitaph to Whitney Houston will, truly, “live on forever”. It was a moment that brought a tear to many an eye. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that Rooney has been responsible for some of the greatest tweets since the platform was launched in 2006.

Remember the time a fan took the bold move of starting all his Tinder conversations with mites of wisdom from the former England captain such as: “Mate, mate, mate, mate” and: “Me and Joe Hart having a few beers Oooossssshhhhh”? 

Fortunately, the Derby County star is not the only player whose hysterical tweets have earned him a reputation online bordering on as legendary as the one he enjoys on the pitch. 

Twitter user @TheSaltIsHere has taken the liberty of compiling some of the funniest tweets by footballers into a thread and the results are spectacular. 

It all begins with Ashley Cole tagging Drake to announce his arrival. We’re not 100% sure whether Drake even knows who he is. 

Then we have these gems:

When Michael Owen took a photo of a dead ferret on his morning walk. 

When Tammy Abraham proved he had sauce from day one. 

That girlfriend is now Harry Kane’s wife. They have two children together. 

Victor Wanyama is a great loss to the Premier League. 

At least Tottenham still have this genius: 

To be fair, we all struggled with how Twitter actually worked when we first downloaded it. 

Then, it became an invaluable tool for connecting normal people to celebrities. Anyone could suddenly message their idols and ask for Harry Potter-related advice. 

Wonder if she ever got back to him. One man who did feel a significant backlash from his Twitter antics was Samir Nasri.

It might have been a laughing matter to the rest of the watching world, but his notorious ‘Drip Doctors’ saga actually saw him banned from the game due to anti-doping regulations.

It’s a true miracle that clubs still allow their players free rein over their social accounts, but long may it continue. 

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