Tyson Fury's voice was completely different before being punched in the throat in 2015

Tyson Fury has a very noticeable and unique voice, however, that wasn’t always the case.

If you rewinded back to his first ever press conference as a professional boxer, and even rewinded back up to anything prior to 2015, you will realise he sounds completely different back then to what he does now.

Why is that the case, we hear you ask?

Well, back in 2015 he was punched in the throat during a sparring session with Ty Mitchell and that changed his vocal chords forever.

In 2015 Fury fought two times. Once again Christian Hammer in February, which he won via stoppage in the eighth round, and again in November when he defeated a certain Wladimir Klitschko on points in Dusseldorf.

It truly was a remarkable year for Tyson Fury, as he climbed to the very top of heavyweight boxing, but it was also a memorable one for him due to the injury he sustained to his throat from the aforementioned sparring session.

Speaking about his voice and how it has changed over time, Fury told BBC Radio 1 in an interview last year: “I got punched in the throat in 2015 and it left me with a blood clot in the throat. So it causes me to talk like this. I was supposed to have it removed and I got too afraid.

“I think it sounds better anyway, there’s more pain in it.”

Now we know what you are thinking… what did Tyson Fury actually sound like before this injury?

Well, above is a clip from Fury’s first ever press conference as a professional boxer, and as you can tell, and hear, he does sound very different.

The voice is a lot smoother and a lot gentler to what it is now.

The press conference was for his professional debut fight against Bela Gyongyosi, which he won in the first round, and he was on the undercard of Carl Froch vs Jean Pascal that night.

Fast forward to 2020 and he’s now headlining his own events and sounds a hell of a lot different.

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