Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 remaster potentially coming later this year

It’s safe to assume that Activision and Treyarch, the developers of Call of Duty, are working together on adding new pieces to their most famed franchise, and are also looking at what the fans are longing for.

Finally, it seems like they’ve struck gold, well, that is if a certain leak is to be believed.

For years, fans of the game have been pleading for a remaster of arguably the most famous game in the Call of Duty franchise ‘Modern Warfare 2’.

Fans of the ultimate FPS have been yearning for an updated version of this instalment, seeing ‘MW2’ as one of the last games of the franchise that received resounding success.

Of course, ‘Modern Warfare 4’ has gone down very well, but nothing quite compares to the classic of ‘Modern Warfare 2’, so a remastered version will certainly get gamers buzzing.

Fans are eager for a return to their roots on maps such as Terminal and Rust, and a recent leak suggests that they could be in for a treat later this year.

The person behind the leaked news of the remaster, Okami13 on Twitter, has been pretty accurate up until now regarding what the developers have in store for the coming year, having previously leaked the news about 2019’s Modern Warfare Gunfight alpha before it had officially been announced.

With what will most likely be paired with a brand-new instalment of the franchise, official news of the Remastered version of ‘MW2’ would be music to Call of Duty fans’ ears.

A no brainer move for Activision. Having previously released remastered versions of prior games that have been met with praise from fans, there would be no reason for them to not do this yet again.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, and in this case, ‘Modern Warfare 2’ is most certainly not broken, it’s a fan favourite.

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