Trabzonspor's Badou Ndiaye eats paper with tactics on to stop opponents reading it

  • Rob Swan

Managers will sometimes pass notes to players midway through matches in order to pass on tactical information.

Usually, a substitute will pass the tactical note on to one of their teammates.

But there have been occasions in the past where opposition players have tried to catch a cheeky glimpse about the contents of said note.

How do you get around this? Well, you eat it of, course.

This is what Trabzonspor midfielder Badou Ndiaye did on Saturday afternoon during a league game away at Gaziantep FK.

After being handed a note from teammate Filip Novak, Ndiaye played on before reading it.

He then rolled it into a paper ball but rather than stuffing it down his shorts or throwing it to the ground, he decided to scoff it.

Watch the incredible footage here…

Have you ever seen anything like it?

Total commitment to the cause. What a man.

Putting it inside his shorts or throwing it away – even if ripped up into pieces first – would still have run a slight risk of leaving Trabzonspor’s tactics exposed.

So Ndiaye did the honourable thing by munching it.

Badou, we salute you!

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