WWE news: The Undertaker showed up at Elimination Chamber to cost AJ Styles yet another match

AJ Styles is on a collision course with The Undertaker, and their conflicts continued at Elimination Chamber.

But he had to contend with a new rival in the form of Aleister Black first, who has become a pain in the backsides of the entire O.C.

It may have been Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson who attacked Black first backstage, but a number of matches led to a No Disqualification match going down in Philadelphia.

When two superstars of the calibre of Black and Styles get in the ring, good things can only happen, and with the added usage of weapons, the duo put on quite an entertaining show, even if Gallows and Anderson being at ringside was infuriating.

That was because being a No DQ match, anyone could get involved, so the pairing being stood outside the ring and not helping Styles defeat Black seemed very ridiculous – but a lot of the time WWE go against all logical thinking.

With Styles about to be downed by the Black Mass though, Gallows and Anderson finally got involved, and with AJ setting up for the Phenomenal Forearm, the arena went dark and the gong sounded.

And that signalled the appearance of The Undertaker, who was shown choking out Gallows and Anderson, before dropping Styles with a Chokeslam – just like he did at Super ShowDown.

Taker quickly vanished, and that left Styles easy prey for Black, who struck with his Black Mass to gain revenge on The Phenomenal One.

We already knew that Styles and The Deadman would be going one-on-one at WrestleMania 36 in Tampa, and this latest incident only confirms it.

With Taker reportedly set to be at Monday Night Raw tomorrow night, we could see this bout made official sooner rather than later.

Will Undertaker let Styles have a career-defining victory on April 5? Time will tell – but if that happens then that says a lot about Taker’s willingness to let other people get their moments.

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